Ugandan mission for hospital staff

The team heading to Uganda
The team heading to Uganda
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Staff from Peterborough City Hospital will head to Uganda to perform life changing surgeries in the African country.

The team will be made up of Consultants Jonathan Jones and Mark Latimer, Team Manager for Trauma and Orthopaedics in Theatre, Mark Robertshaw, Orthopaedic Trauma Practitioners Gemma Smith and Mauricee Bravo and Staff Nurse, Francisco Raposo.

It is the third year they have travelled to the Kisiizi Hospital, where this year they will work for 10 days.

During their time they will help train the local theatre team, perform surgeries on children with limb deformities, and treat patients who have suffered from severe burns. Mr Latimer will be checking the progress of the children on whom he operated last year and will continue treatment if needed.

Mr Jones said staff were passionate at the hospital, but needed support. He said: “There are good practices in place, but they need support in developing their services, which is where we can help.”