Suicide rates in the city coming down

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The suicide rate in Peterborough is coming down, according to a new report.

The draft Joint Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Suicide Prevention strategy states: “The suicide rate in Peterborough has decreased steadily since 2010-2012 when the rate was significantly above both the England and East of England rates and is now similar to the England average.”

In Peterborough there were 19 deaths in 2014 and 18 deaths in 2015 classified as suicide or unexplained. Two-thirds of these were males, while 30 per cent in 2015 had contact within six months of death with mental health services.

The report lists several recommendations to bring down the numbers of suicides.

These include: continuing to give suicide prevention training to professionals, organisations and individuals in contact with people at risk of suicide, promoting early interventions to aid the prevention of mental health problems which could lead to suicide in particular risk groups, and reducing access to the means of suicide.

Other priority areas are to: provide better information and support to those bereaved or affected by suicide, and to encourage appropriate and sensitive reporting of suicide.