Picnic to celebrates Baby Cafés in Peterborough

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Event news
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A picnic is being held in Peterborough to celebrate the city’s four Baby Cafés and the support given to breastfeeding mums in the area.

The picnic is to be held on Friday, June 22, between 11.30am and 1.30pm at Cathedral Cloisters in the city centre.

Everyone is welcome to attend, including supporters, dads and grandparents, and there will be fun activities for babies, toddlers and parents.

There are four Baby Cafes in Peterborough: Brewster Avenue, East in Durham Road, Honeyhill in Paston and Serpentine Green.

The Cafés offer free support to local breastfeeding mothers, and those who want more information about infant feeding.

Julia Kiddle, Baby Café Manager, NCT said: “We’re really lucky to have four Baby Cafes in Peterborough, which makes it one of the best cities in the country for breastfeeding support.

“The picnic is to celebrate the work the Cafes do, and the mothers they have supported.”

To find out more about Baby Cafés and the work they do, visit the Baby Café website at www.thebabycafe.org