Mystery over death of 35 birds at park aviary

Bird aviary at Central Park EMN-151229-145622009
Bird aviary at Central Park EMN-151229-145622009
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Mystery surrounds the death of 35 birds who were found dead in their aviary in a Peterborough park over the Christmas weekend.

About half of the zebra finches which are kept in the aviary at Central Park in Peterborough died over the long bank holiday weekend.

Bird aviary at Central Park EMN-151229-145609009

Bird aviary at Central Park EMN-151229-145609009

Kieron King, Peterborough’s Principle Operations Manager for Amey said the finches in the aviary, which has three bird houses, are fed every day of the year. He said:“Each aviary houses a different bird species which includes parakeets, budgies and zebra finches but all birds can fly from one aviary to another.

“Following the bank holiday 35 finches have been found dead.

“The RSPCA and a vet attended and inspected the aviaries and birds. A vet is assessing the remaining birds and will carry out a post mortem on one of the dead birds to determine the cause of deaths.”

Before the sudden deaths, there were about 70 zebra finches in the aviary. The two other species of birds have been unaffected.

Fiona Radic, Peterborough Green Party ,member and regular visitor to the park said: “I’d gone for a walk. The park is a good place for a short walk. A friend of mine spotted the dead birds.

“My friend reckoned they couldn’t get to the food. The feeders were so low, nearly empty and the birds who were able to get the seed had to be able to get their heads right inside the feeder. Lots just didn’t look good: they were giving up. There were two shivering together on a branch. The dead ones looked so small.”