Former HMP Prison nurse allowed to return to work following suspension

Toby Bunting
Toby Bunting
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A former HMP Peterborough nurse who used offensive language to inmates and lied about drug offences has been allowed to return to work.

Toby Bunting used a number of crude phrases towards inmates at HMP Peterborough and showed pictures of male genitalia.

He was suspended for six months in February after a the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) hearing.

The hearing was also told bosses found Mr Bunting had been jailed in the US for transporting and possessing methamphetamine. In his application form he made no mention of previous convictions, admitting only to a speeding offence from 2008.

But now the NMC has been told Mr Bunting, who no longer works at the prison, can return to work. A report said it is ‘in the public interest to allow a skilled and highly regarded clinical practitioner to return to safe practice now that you have been able to put your failings behind you.’

The report, which followed a hearing on Tuesday, added: “You apologised for your failings and demonstrated clear remorse and understanding of the impact those failings had on colleagues, patients and the reputation of the nursing profession. You set out the context of your past personal circumstances, in particular at the time of your past convictions. You told the panel that you are now a completely different person and that through the process of accepting, admitting and reflecting upon it, you feel you have now been able to close that was a chapter in your life.”