Bull Hotel open following virus scare

The Bull Hotel
The Bull Hotel
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The Bull Hotel in Westgate, Peterborough is open as normal following a bout of novovirus which hit up to 70 people this week.

The hotel remained open all week after the virus hit on Saturday, and following a steam clean on Tuesday, no more cases have come forward.

Upon receiving the calls we called Peterborough City Council’s Environmental Health team straight away.

Alan Price

It is thought the outbreak started when a guest was sick in the hotel reception on Saturday.

Alan Price, operations director said: “We had one or two people phone us on Tuesday saying they were experiencing vomiting and a fever.

“Upon receiving the calls we called Peterborough City Council’s Environmental health team straight away.

“They attended on Tuesday, and carried out tests, and it was quickly discovered it was a viral infection. The infection can spread quickly as it can be passed person to person.

“Up to six members of staff who showed symptoms were excluded from the premises for a minimum of 72 hours, and some have not returned to work yet as an extra precaution.

“We remained open throughout, and carried out a deep clean of the affected areas.
“We have also raised awareness with staff of issues during team briefings.

“We received our four star health and safety rating only last week, a continuation from last year’s four star rating.”

A spokesman for Peterborough City Council said: “We have had a total of 70 cases, although some are not as serious as others.

“We did not have to close the hotel at any point.”