Ambulance staff make call to keep cheif executive in place

Ambulance staff handing over a petition to Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk.
Ambulance staff handing over a petition to Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk.
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East of England Ambulance staff have called on an MP to keep the chief executive in place.

Front-line staff from the East of England Ambulance service - which covers Peterborough - took their concerns for the future of their Ambulance Trust to Westminster, with the support of Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk.

Fraer Stevenson, Branch Secretary for the Ambulance Trust said: “Staff have spoken to us about their fears, and we believe they are well founded. “Anthony Marsh, our Chief Executive, has given his support to address the number one stressor of staff - late finishes, although this has yet to be actioned. With a possible change of Chief Executive many staff are fearful this issue will not be dealt with.”

Hundreds of staff have signed a petition to the Secretary of State for Health, calling on him to intervene to keep Dr Anthony Marsh in the Ambulance Trust. The petition says,

‘We feel we need to petition you, as we do not believe our Board is acting in our best interests. We feel Dr Anthony Marsh has brought positive changes to the East of England Ambulance Service, but we are in a very fragile state of recovery.’

The petition also says ‘We believe that without Dr Marsh things will again quickly start to unravel in our Ambulance Trust; there are already discussions to remove some of the supportive changes we have seen, and this is severely impacting morale.’

Fraer Stevenson added: “Providing emergency responses for 12 hours is physically and emotionally very demanding. It is right that at the end of their 12 hour shift staff can go home to rest.

“Staff want to do their best for their patients, and the recent patient satisfaction surveys clearly shows this - with 100% patient satisfaction.”