The hardest-working women in the UK - why does East of England trail far behind national average?

Women working in London and Scotland are by far the hardest-working in the UK, new research has shown - but female workers in the East of England trail far behind the national average for hours clocked up.

Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 12:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 1:32 pm
The hardest-working women in the UK

London-based female workers put in an average of 75 hours - ten typical working days - more than the average UK female workforce. Scottish women are slightly behind, but still working for 70 hours more than the rest of the UK.

Next came working women in the North West of England, rated the third hardest workers at 14 hours more than the UK average.

However, these three regions were the only ones to top the national average. All remaining regions saw women work at least 28 fewer hours, with the South West furthest behind with women working 135 hours less than the average and the East of England also well down the list with women working 79 hours less.

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The hardest-working age group were found to be the ‘millennials’ - defined as being aged 22-29. They put in an astonishing 136 hours - approximately 18 typical working days - more than the average female worker.

Women aged from 30-39 years old work around 75 hours more than average and 40-49 year olds work 42 hours less than the average.

The study, by online beauty provider blow LTD, follows statistics showing that the number of women in employment reached a record 14.6 million at the end of 2015 - an increase of nearly one million from five years ago.

Paid hours worked (both full time and part time) for female employees

UK region - Average hours worked (annual) - Compared to the rest of the UK (annual)

London - 1,631 - +75 hours

Scotland - 1,626 - +70 hours

North West - 1,570 - +14

South East - 1,528 - minus 28

North East - 1,515 - minus 42

East Midlands - 1,515 - minus 42

West Midlands - 1,515 - minus 42

Wales - 1,515 - minus 42

Northern Ireland - 1,510 - minus 46

Yorkshire and The Humber - 1,491 - minus 65

East - 1,477 - minus 79

South West - 1,421 - minus 135

UK average 1,556