Good Samaritan on way to Peterborough soup kitchen thanked for spending over two hours helping stranded teenage couple

Good Samaritan Victor gets to work on Thomas' car idEhTi4aU5vpz3zHD9gp
Good Samaritan Victor gets to work on Thomas' car idEhTi4aU5vpz3zHD9gp
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A ‘Good Samaritan’ has been warmly thanked by a teenager and his girlfriend after the man came to the aid of the couple when their car broke down in Peterborough.

Thomas Whincup, 18, from Stilton, was heading to Showcase Cinema with his girlfriend at around 7pm last night, Monday, August 22, when his car stopped and would not start again.

Good Samaritan Victor gets to work on Thomas' car G7mGCSMNJftkZ9xraN7_

Good Samaritan Victor gets to work on Thomas' car G7mGCSMNJftkZ9xraN7_

With the help of others he pushed it to the side of Gravel Walk in Peterborough City Centre but was at a loss as to what to do next until a Good Samaritan who gave his name as Victor.

Thomas said Victor was a mechanic who had lost his job and was on his way to a soup kitchen when he met the stranded couple and spent more than two hours helping to fix their car.

Thomas, who was a Hampton College student, added: “He basically took the inside of the car apart looking for problems, and then put it all back together properly, all with a butter knife he happened to have on him.

“He knew what he was talking about and used a process of elimination to try and work out why the car wouldn’t run. I really can’t explain or give justice to the depth and detail this guy put into his attempt to get the car running again, not to mention the concern he showed for two young people stranded in the middle of the city centre.

“After two hours of looking he came to the conclusion that it was something to do with the fuel pump due to there being no pressure.

“I gave the lovely chap all I had, which was a tenner, and he seemed over the moon. He said he had to rush as he was about to miss the soup kitchen so he said farewell and left on his push bike.

“About 10 minutes later he came back with an idea that it may be that there’s no fuel and the cars dashboard display and fuel gauge is wrong. This is after I told him of a fuel leak I had yesterday. He was right and I felt stupid but also very guilty, as this man put me before himself rather than going to get his dinner. The car is now running perfectly after everything that he did.

“This man has clearly had far too many knock backs in his life and is in desperate need of a second chance, he’s one of those rare people in life that will help people rather than push them aside and think about themselves.

“He’s recently lost his job in a garage and expressed how much he wants to get back into it. This was reflected in his care and attention to detail he put into my little car. And the fact he did everything he did with a butter knife and his knowledge and experience.

“Someone like this does not deserve to be living the way he is and being messed around as he has been. If anyone knows of anything or any jobs going please could you let me know as I can get you in contact with him.

“My faith has really been restored in humanity today. This man’s name is Victor and he deserves a lot of thanks. What a guy.”