Gertrude, 94, is gym member of the month despite three hip replacements

Gertrude Ciabanu at the Manor Leisure Centre
Gertrude Ciabanu at the Manor Leisure Centre
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Despite three hip replacements and one knee replacement there is no holding back Gertrude Ciabanu (94) who has been named member of the month at the Manor Leisure Centre in Whittlesey.

Gertrude, of Whittlesey, has been going to the centre for more than 20 years, starting out just using the swimming pool with a friend.

She began using the gym some 15 years ago when her husband showed an interest, and they attended together for many years.

Now, despite the loss of her husband and the operations to replace her hip and knee, she still attends three times a week at 6.30am.

Joking that she was ‘flavour of the month’, Gertrude said keeping fit helped her to keep a youthful outlook on life.

And her tip to others was to “keep going as long as you can.”

Bernadette Gipson, duty centre manager at the Manor, said: “Gertrude is a true inspiration and proves you’re never too old to enjoy fitness.

“She is a very social person, enjoys a chat and is interested in people and life in general. So if you do see her in the gym please say hello.”