Is the General Election just about Brexit? North West Cambridgeshire candidates have their say

The Peterborough Telegraph asked the parliamentary candidates standing in North West Cambridgeshire: Is this election just about Brexit?

Sunday, 10th November 2019, 5:58 am

Shailesh Vara (Conservative)

Dealing with Brexit is vital for the future of our country but this election is also about moving on with a positive post Brexit domestic agenda.

The British public voted in 2016 to Leave the EU and they rightly expect their politicians to deliver. We need this General Election to provide Boris Johnson with a majority to deliver on the public mandate.

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Boris Johnson has achieved what so many people said he could not. He has gone back to the EU, stood up for the UK and managed to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement. The result? A good deal that is much better than before. A deal that takes us out of the EU, puts us in charge of our own money, laws and borders and allows us to negotiate trade policies with the rest of the world.

The Conservatives want to deliver Brexit and move onto ensuring a successful and sustainable economy which will be able to support and pay for the NHS, education, law and order, transport and many other public services.

A vote for any other party will ensure a Labour government which will delay Brexit even further, provide continued uncertainty for individuals and businesses and lead the country to economic ruin.

The Conservatives are the only party that will get Brexit done and move onto an exciting domestic agenda. A strong One-Nation Conservative government, underpinned by sound economic management, will ensure a safe and secure future for us all.

Ed Murphy (Labour)

This once in a generation election is about real change; it’s not just about Brexit.

The General Election will not resolve our relationship with the European Union. However, a Labour government will negotiate a new deal and we promise a People’s Vote.

Labour will end the Brexit crisis and let the people decide. Labour will rebuild our public services, run for people not profit, and give our NHS, schools and police the money they need, by taxing those at the top to properly fund world class services for everyone.

A no deal Brexit will cost us jobs and risk our security. A Leave voter recently told me she’s changed her mind because the Brexit Party and Mr Johnson lied about more money for the NHS. She no longer trusts them and is voting Labour because she supports a better NHS and our plans to build new council homes.

The EU has brought investment, jobs and protection for workers, consumers and the environment. I believe in a society which will be stronger if we co-operate with our neighbours. My vision is to make Britain better and fairer for everyone by engaging with our European neighbours.

Mr Vara’s muddled view is unhelpful and risks a no deal crash out. He has voted to remain switched to a WTO Brexit. Resigned because he could not support the Theresa May deal, and then voted for it, then switched to WTO Brexit. Let’s end the Brexit crisis and let the people decide.

Nicola Day (Green Party)

Brexit is set against the backdrop of the greatest catastrophe of our times: the climate emergency.

Unless addressed with urgency we will have no future to debate. Britain’s lone Green MP, Caroline Lucas, has proven that Green politicians make an impact. Caroline has brought awareness where before there was complacency. Without her, I doubt any of us would be as keenly aware of the mortal danger that we and the planet now face.

Parliament needs more Green MPs to speak truth to power. This is why I put myself forward as the Green candidate for North West Cambs. Peterborough City Council has declared a climate emergency. For this to have any meaning we must select MPs who will make it their priority to defend our planet, our natural resources, our diversity and our humanity.

This election isn’t just about Brexit, nor it is just about the climate emergency. There is another crisis in our constituency that threatens the wellbeing of our young people. We must move away from our current culture of testing and develop a robust, holistic, bold and visionary system of education that prepares our children for the realities that lie ahead.

Learning by rote does not give our children the skills they will need to compete in the workplaces of our futures. We must demand a well-funded, equally accessible, student-focused system of education that delivers creative, collaborative visionaries who will meet our future challenges.

Liam Round (Brexit Party)

I think it is clear that this election is about Brexit and every party will use it as its basis to winning so the answer is a resounding YES!

However, I urge each constituent to use Brexit as a national issue but not a local issue in which your vote is placed. The person, not tribal, party politics should be the most important thing when choosing your candidate.

This election should be about changing our current politics and the systems in which they operate with real world experienced individuals, myself included, who are the most diverse candidates you will see in any party. My party has been clear, we believe that the only way to truly leave the EU is under clean break terms with a six month negotiation window whereby either the EU deal or do not.

This is complemented with plans to become an ultra low tax country to drive growth, rebuild local infrastructure or abolish inheritance tax. But I pledge to each constituent that I want to give you a voice, give you a veto but most of all represent everybody as fairly as is practicable.

I want our NHS improved, I want world leading links east and west not just north and south, but more importantly I want our constituency to thrive short, medium and long term through planning, engagement and investment that delivers value not waste. Make your vote count, do not be put off by vote split rhetoric, but above all help me #ChangePoliticsForGood.