GALLERY: Meet Peterborough’s mysterious graffiti artist - but just don’t call him Banksy!

Photo from NYCES, TOWER and CARL
Photo from NYCES, TOWER and CARL
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The artist, who goes by the name of Nyces, rejects any notion that he is Peterborough’s answer to Banksy - the famous street artist who also keeps his identity hidden - but what his work colleagues do not realise is that once he clocks off on a Friday afternoon he will be out and about brightening up the city through his mesmerising graffiti artwork.

Nyces has delighted homeowners and community groups with his work which ranges from decorating underpasses with Harry Potter and Willy Wonka to transforming a garden shed with a huge Hulk painting.

The 30-year-old from Werrington learned graffiti art at school and now works with Peterborough City Council and Cambridgeshire police to offer his services for free to improve the look of the city.

But because of the bad reputation that graffiti art has he wishes to keep his identity hidden.

Nyces, who has given his services to schools such as Gunthorpe Primary and charities such as Little Miracles, said: “I want to make the city as good as I can and will continue to do that. I like to give something back to the city to make up for some of the negative things.

“I’m a father now and it’s good to contribute.”

Nyces, whose artwork is all freehand, rejects comparisons with Banksy who instead uses stencils, and he refuses to accept his work is anything more than just 17 years of learning his craft.

“People have said I’m really talented but I’m not talented, I’m skilled,” he said. “I’ve done something for a very long time and got good at it.”

Nyces’ latest work will see him paint the three outside walls of Werrington Library on November 7 with murals of the Gruffalo, Matilda, Sherlock Holmes and various superheroes.

The idea came from the Friends of Werrington Library group to brighten up the front of the library and make it more attractive to visitors.

The work could take eight to 10 hours to complete but will be therapeutic for Nyces who takes a lot of joy from seeing people enjoy his work.

One occasion which particularly resonates with him is when he saw children and their grandparents posing together next to his Harry Potter-themed project in Hampton -“That’s something I think I will remember forever,” he added.

Nyces is also available for commission through his company ‘Street Arts Hire’ which he currently runs through his Facebook page.

One recipient of his artwork is Wayne Roberts of Woodston who has pictures of the Hulk on the outside of his garden shed and The Joker from Batman inside.

Wayne (40) is also looking to get Nyces to spruce up his hairdressers ‘Status’ in Yaxley with an image of the staff putting up lego blocks which spell out the salon’s name.

Wayne, whose shed is only visible he invites over, said: “I’ve always been a big action hero fan.

“It really does look like the Hulk follows you around the garden.

“It’s very strange how a lot of people perceive graffiti as not art but I’ve got a lot out of it and my friends look at it and are just mesmerised.”