Future developments planned in Peterborough made public

Fletton Quays, Great Haddon, North Westgate and the former Peterborough District Hospital site - these are some of the landmark developments which are due to provide thousands of new homes in the city in years to come.

Sunday, 14th January 2018, 5:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 20th March 2018, 1:25 pm

But with Peterborough growing at such a fast pace there is a need for many more houses to be built here in the coming years to keep up with demand.

And if residents are wondering whether they will soon be seeing builders in their neighbourhood, the location of all brownfield sites earmarked for development have been made public by Peterborough City Council on a new register following a government regulation for all local authorities to produce a brownfield land register.

The council’s register covers 7,125 properties on 72 sites, of which 13 have yet to receive planning permission.

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These include proposals for 25 properties at Bishop’s Road Car Park and 30 at Dickens Street Car Park, with another 25 earmarked for The Garden House, Minster Precincts.

The council said that the sites on its register, in simple terms, “comprise all brownfield sites that a local planning authority has assessed as being appropriate for residential development.

“This will include sites with extant full planning permission, outline planning permission and permission in principle as well as sites without planning permission.”

All of the 72 sites are on ‘part one’ of the land register.

All sites in part one can also be put in ‘part two’ of the register, meaning they would receive planning permission in principle. But sites can only be placed in part two following a “considerable” consultation by the council.

And currently, no sites have been placed on part two of the register.

A council spokeswoman said this was because the authority had only received guidance from the Government at the end of July so had not had time to put in arrangements for consultation.

Sites without planning permission:

- British Sugar, Oundle Road, Woodston, PE2 9AY. (Minimum number of dwellings - 70)

- Land At East Station Road, Fletton Quays (100)

- Car Park, Bishop’s Road. Eastgate (25)

- Dickens Street Car Park, Dickens Street, Eastfield (30)

- Hempsted Parce- - NC1, NC3, NC4, Hicks Lane, Woodston, PE7 0L- (65)

- The Garden House, Minster Precincts (25)

- Land To The Rear Of 142-148 Fletton Avenue, Fletton (30)

- 12 River Lane, PE3 6AH (50)

- Belle Vue Stables, Whittlesey Road, Stanground (35)

- North Westgate Opportunity Area, Westgate (200)

- Northminster Opportunity Area (150)

- Station East Opportunity Area, Station Road (400) - the boundary stops at Mayor’s Walk in the north and Buckles Solicitors in Bourges Boulevard in the south

- Station West Opportunity Area, Midland Road, West Town (200) - the boundary stops at Mayor’s Walk in the north, Thorpe Road in the south and Midland Road in the west

Selected sites with planning permission:

- Johnston Publishing, Oundle Road, Woodston, PE2 9QR (86)

- Former Coa- Yard, River Lane (7)

- Great Northern Railway Hotel, Station Road (6)

- Northern Section Of The East Of England Showground, Oundle Road, Alwalton (58)

- Former Peterborough District Hospital, Thorpe Road (469)

- Land To The West Of London Road (2,349)

- Fletton Quays, Land At East Station Road (280)