From Graceland to Peterborough - world’s leading Elvis expert heads to city

Elvis Presley during a 1973 concert.
Elvis Presley during a 1973 concert.
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The world’s leading Elvis Presley expert is to visit Peterborough for a special TV show.

The director of archives at Graceland, Angie Marchese, is coming to Peterborough-based Ideal World TV on June 18 for an Elvis Presley special.

Angie has worked at Graceland since 1989 when she started as a tour guide during her school holidays and worked her way up through the ranks to become the world’s leading authority on Elvis Presley and Graceland.

She is coming over to the UK to introduce Elvis Presley’s Pink Cadillac to the Elvis At The O2 Exhibition from June 17 and will take time out to visit Peterborough for an hour-long Elvis Presley Special on Ideal World TV.

Presented by Howard Griffiths, the show will give Elvis fans the chance to buy items from Graceland.

The last time the TV station did an Elvis Presley Special on all the items on sale sold out in record time.

The Pink Cadillac will arrive at the Elvis At The O2 Exhibition in time to celebrate its 60th anniversary year and will be the first time the car has been on display outside of Graceland. Bought by Elvis on July 7 1955, the car was originally blue with a black roof. Elvis had the body work re-painted pink to replace the first pink Cadillac, which had been destroyed after brake lining had caught fire and set the car alight while Elvis was driving back from a gig on June 5, 1955.

Angie said: “We’re thrilled to be bringing Elvis’ legendary Pink Cadillac to The O2. This car had such a close link to Elvis and his mother, Gladys, as well as his entourage, who often drove it. It’s been referenced in films and songs for decades and now it comes to London for everyone to see.”

With over 300 artefacts direct from the Presley’s treasured Graceland Archives, the collection includes automobiles, personal items, historical documents, iconic stage costumes, guitars, photography, as well as gold and platinum records. In addition to audio and video presentations, even the famous pool table Elvis played on with The Beatles is on display. The Pink Cadillac will be displayed at the exhibition alongside the 1956 Lincoln Continental in the main hub of the exhibition for several months, before it returns to Graceland in Memphis.

Other items from Graceland which can be seen in London for the first time include:

The champagne bottle from Elvis’ wedding to Priscilla signed by them both.

The bongo drums that Priscilla gave Elvis as a Christmas present when they first met

The Gold Plated Telephone from the side of Elvis’ bed at Graceland

The Red 1960 MG Roadster from the film Blue Hawaii

Elvis’ personal wallet containing photos of a young Lisa Marie Presley

Elvis’ personal keys to Graceland