Free garden clearances for veterans in Peterborough

Green Aiders
Green Aiders
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Ex-service personnel can get their garden under control for free.

The Green Aiders is a free, one-off garden clearance service run by community charity Groundwork and it’s coming to Peterborough in September.

It is funded by The Royal British Legion through its External Grants programme and is available to vulnerable or disabled ex-Service personnel or their spouses, partners, widows/widowers, children or dependants aged 65 plus.

Through a one-off visit, dedicated volunteers led by Groundwork staff make gardens more manageable, safer and more pleasant to spend time in. At the same time, clearing overgrown gardens makes it harder for criminals or fraudsters to identify occupants as potential targets.

Gary Lowe’s father James recently benefited from a Green Aiders visit.

Gary said: “Dad is happier now – the fact that someone did something for him makes a difference. Green Aiders is the only gardening support that he’s had and they’ve done really well for him. It’s made me feel better, too, as I don’t need to worry – I know it’s under control now.”

Head of social policy and grant giving at the Royal British Legion, Steven Baynes, said: “We’re pleased to have awarded over £43,000 to Groundwork.

“The grant demonstrates the legion’s continued commitment to working with other organisations to provide the best support possible to our beneficiaries.

“It will also enable the Groundwork to use its expertise to make a real difference to those veterans struggling with the upkeep of their gardens.”

If you or someone you know could benefit from a Green Aiders visit, contact Groundwork Cambridgeshire & Peterborough on 01480 587143.