Former youth centre in Peterborough to be sold at auction

The former youth centre in Thorney
The former youth centre in Thorney
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A former youth centre in Peterborough is to be sold with the adjoining library relocated.

The building in Church Street, Thorney, will be sold at auction by Peterborough City Council. The authority expects to make approximately £250,000, minus marketing costs and fees.

It also anticipates that the former youth centre will be converted into properties, but it acknowledges there is likely to be some short term disruption to the library while a new location is found.

John Bartlett, chair of Thorney Parish Council, said: “This has been dragging on for years and years. The centre’s not been used for about three or four years. The library is in the same complex.

“What we’ve said to the city council is that any money from the sale will go to something in Thorney. I do believe that will happen. The council said it won’t close the library, but we want a temporary one in place before the library moves.”

Money brought in from the sale is expected to be spent on a new pavilion in the park or on the maintenance of Bedford Hall.

Mr Bartlett said he had been told plans were being drawn up for a new pavilion.

Bedford Hall is an historic building dating back to 1848. It is currently used as a centre for community use, parties, weddings, conferences and village fairs.

The 96ft brick tower, built in 1855, houses a large cast iron tank on the sixth floor which once provided water to the village.

The auction date will be in February.