Fly zappers installed and bakery and deli closed at Peterborough shopping centre to tackle insect problem

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Electronic fly zappers have been installed at a Peterborough shopping centre to deal with a problem with flies.

Residents across Hampton have complained about an increase in the number of flies, but the problem has been particularly noticed by shoppers at Serpentine Green.

It is not known what has caused the problem, but management at the shopping centre have now taken measures to try and tackle the issue.

Yesterday, a statement on their Facebook page said: “We are aware that the wider Hampton area is experiencing a fly problem. The comfort of our customers is always of paramount importance to us and in response we are emptying all bins more regularly, electronic fly zappers are being installed at the centre today and wind curtains are in operation at all three entrances. We are also working closely with our retailers who are being more vigilant than ever about the removal of rubbish and food waste.”

A spokesman for Tesco, which has the biggest store in the centre, said they had also taken measures to protect food and customers.

The spokesman said: “We have high standards of cleanliness in all our stores, so in Peterborough Extra we have temporarily closed our in-store bakery and hot deli counter as a precautionary measure. “

A Peterborough City Council spokesman said: “The council’s environmental health team have been down to the centre and continue to monitor the situation.

“There has been no specific cause identified for the flies.

“We have given advice to businesses affected, including to clean up spillages quickly, remove waste as soon as possible and keep covered food.”