Fire officers give warning after pensioner dies from open blaze


Fire officers are warning homeowners with open fires to take simple safety steps following the death of a Cambridgeshire pensioner.

A fire started in the home of Berenice Setchell after the 83-year-old left clothing and a wicker stool too close to an unguarded open fire, causing a fire to start.

Last Thursday, at the inquest of Mrs Setchell of Star Lane, Ramsey, the coroner highlighted that the victim died of smoke inhalation and concluded her death on January 19, 2016, was accidental.

Fire investigator, station commander Karl Bowden, said: “This was a tragic death of an elderly lady who was a creature of habit. If you have an open fire burning any type of material, always make sure a fireguard is in place and most importantly, never dry clothing close to the fire.”

If you know someone who is vulnerable or who you think could benefit from a free visit from the fire service, call 0800 917 9999.