Fans views on Fergie: ‘We’ll do a Bristol City next season’

Posh fans at Port Vale
Posh fans at Port Vale
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There has been a mixed response on social media to our poll on the future of Peterborough United boss Darren Ferguson, particularly from those who follow @PTAlanSwann on Twitter...

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I would be a lot more patient with Fergie if it wasn’t for the fact that the same form happened last year. Zero lessons seem to been learned.


It’s very easy to say Fergie out but who are we going to get in?

We need a list of possible replacements before we get rid.


Not so much #fergiein (although I am), but I don’t want us to be the type of club that panics at the first real downturn.


Time to face facts. Fergie has not been the returning Messiah everyone thought he was going to be.


Give him some players to work with. #fergiein


He stays. Needs to hire a confidence coach though. Plenty about.


Two big games coming so #fergiein


Considering he’s been in football all his life, he’s making serious basic football errors. Fergie OUT now!


I don’t think we are too far away from turning it around. The club still has many good young players so #fergiein!


Fergie should have gone last summer!


Fergie in as long as he starts playing Kyle Vassell again. At the start of season we were winning games and he was League One’s top scorer.


Regretfully #fergieout as he can’t live on past glories,

Time to move on.


Regretfully #fergieout, but thanks for the memories.


Fergie in. It’s the players letting him down.

Changing the manager without changing the players would be pointless.


Fergie in. It’s just one bad season. We’ll just do a Bristol City next year.


Fergie out. Let’s have some fresh eyes on this team.


I think it’s time to say thanks for everything but we need a change. I hope I’m wrong & that this season can still be a success.


If we want any chance of making the play-offs then it has to be #fergieout.


Fergie’s time is up. We need a new outlook.

Kevin Chestney

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