Family's shock as tree smashes into house and cars in Peterborough

A large tree smashed into a house and cars at an address in Peterborough, causing neighbours to flee from their home as they feared for their safety.

Monday, 30th July 2018, 2:24 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:00 pm
Damage to the house caused by the fallen tree

The extensive damage at Meadenvale in Parnwell was caused by large winds on Saturday afternoon at around 5.20pm.

Fortunately nobody required medical treatment from the incident which badly damaged the front of the property and wrecked the two cars in front.

More minor damage was caused to a neighbouring house which was occupied at the time by siblings Yasoda Thapa (17), Thammaya Thapa (24) and Yougesh Thapa (13).

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Damage to the house caused by the fallen tree

Yasoda said: “My parents were out working and me and my siblings were at home. I was upstairs and I heard a really loud noise. I thought it was some sort of hurricane.

“I thought let’s try and get out the house. I told my siblings let’s run out to the back garden.

“We just waited out there and the next thing we know rain and hail are pouring out on us.

“It could have been a lot worse and I was really relieved everybody was fine. I was shocked but my older sister was even more shocked.

“I did not realise the wind was that strong. I thought ‘what if another tree falls?’

“We were so shocked and did not have time to put our shoes on. We were out there shaking in the cold.

“I was trying to get hold of my mum and my sister was trying to get hold of my dad. They thought we were joking.

“I said ‘no mum we are serious, there are ambulances, firefighters and police here’.

“My parents had feared this tree would fall before we moved here.”

Mum Sukmaya, a catering assistant at the Cavell Centre in Bretton Gate, and dad Yubaraj, a bus driver, both rushed home when they heard the news.

Damage at their property included flowers in the garden being ripped off and flying away, as well as minor damage to the front of the house.

A police spokeswoman confirmed the force was called to the scene at just past 5.30pm by the ambulance service.

An ambulance service spokesman said they attended the scene but nobody required medical treatment.

Firefighters also attended.

The Peterborough Telegraph attempted to contact the occupants of the house which had been struck by the tree.