Family's quest to learn of estranged Peterborough dad's final days alive

The daughter of a Peterborough man who became estranged from his family wants to end the mystery over how he spent his final days before passing away.

Friday, 9th March 2018, 4:07 pm
Updated Friday, 9th March 2018, 5:09 pm

Steph Davies is looking for any information on dad Stephen Davies who lived in Walton Park after divorcing from Steph’s mother, Sue.

The couple split in 1994 with Stephen later moving to Peterborough where he worked as an actor and make-up artist.

The 66-year-old stopped contact with his family in 2005 but died recently, prompting a coroner’s appeal for his next of kin to get in touch.

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Steph, (31), who lives in Derbyshire, said: “As his daughter I am keen to learn anything from anyone about who my dad was since moving to Peterborough in 2001.

“Anything that may help me to understand why his mobile phone was found with no telephone numbers stored in it, anything that could in some way provide me and the rest of the family with some comfort that he at least had someone in his life and that he didn’t die thinking nobody loved or cared for him, as that is incredibly far from the truth and he would have known this if he had remained in contact with his sister and his brothers.

“Any information that anyone could give which would shed even the smallest of lights on the life my dad had, and the person he was, it would be greatly received by the whole family.

“If I could find out details from anyone that knew him, it could shed light on why he may have stopped contact.

“It would be nice to piece things together, more so for my auntie who it has hit very hard.”

Steph said a post-mortem had not given a cause of death but she believes it is alcohol related, as that was the reason behind Stephen and Sue’s divorce.

Stephen had also been in a respite care home and hospital not long before his death.

The last time Steph saw her dad was 20 years ago, but he had kept in touch with the family until 2005 when the letters and phone calls suddenly stopped.

She said: “Life is full of choices. He chose that life rather than a life with his wife and children, but it does not stop it making it sad.

“It would be nice to know anyone that knew him. At the moment all of us have a photo in our head that he was a recluse.”

Steph said the death of her dad had come as a surprise to her mother.

She added: “She was very shocked. She has gone through exactly the same emotions as all of us have.

“We went to his funeral and laid him to rest and wished him the best. All mum did was try to do the best for her kids and that’s what she has done.

“We need to believe the reason dad did not have any contact with us was because he knew how amazing our mother is and that she is fine.”

Steph said her dad had connections with Stamford Players and went to a college in the city to study make up and special effects make up.

Anybody with information on Stephen is asked to contact the Peterborough Telegraph who can then contact Steph.