Extended hours granted for outdoor drinking at Peterborough pub

Drinkers at the Blue Bell in Glinton will be able to sit outside until 11pm after city councillors approved a plea to extend the use of a ‘Jumbrella’ at the popular pub.

Friday, 29th November 2019, 11:02 am

Head of planning Nick Harding told the council’s Planning and Environmental Protection Committee there had been some objections to the request.

He said: “The ‘Jumbrella’ covering and fixed seating was approved by the council back in November 2018 for use by patrons from 09:00 to 21:00 on any day. What is being requested in this application is an extension to those times up to 23:00.

“There have been some objections through the parish council from the neighbours who are concerned that the proximity to the ‘Jumbrella’ – which is a large covered area protecting seats and tables from the weather – will adversely affect their standards of living if granted so late in the evening.”

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The Blue Bell in Glinton

Cllr Peter Hiller said: “I can see no reason why we should not grant these extended hours. I understand the concerns from the neighbours, but they knew they were moving next door to a public house when they purchased their properties.”

Cllr Christian Hogg added: “I’m grateful to the officer for explaining what a ‘Jumbrella’ is as I’d never heard the term used before.”

Cllr Richard Brown had other concerns: “I don’t understand why it is that people are not allowed to smoke in this outside area of the pub, but they are allowed to smoke outside the front door of the venue – that doesn’t make sense to me?”

Mr Harding explained: “Areas where smoking is allowed is not part of the planning application, but I suspect that the landlord is trying to appease his neighbours in any way that he can by not having cigarette smoke drift across from the outside seating area into neighbours gardens.”

The application to extend the hours to 11pm was approved.

Robert Alexander, Local Democracy Reporting Service