Support for Green Backyard fundraising plea

The Green Backyard in Peterborough
The Green Backyard in Peterborough
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Campaigners battling to save Peterborough’s Green Backyard say they have raised £5,000 in the first five days of the appeal.

Volunteers at the community growing project in London Road are trying to save the 1.5 acre site from being sold to developers.

They are trying to save the Green Bcakyard “one square foot at a time” with donations of £10 per square foot.

The site is owned by Peterborough City Council, which has put the land on the market and hopes to have sold it by March next year.

The price tag is thought to be £750,000.

Green Backyard co-founder Sophie Antonelli said: “The campaign has been going really well.

“In the first five days we raised £5,000 - all in small donations from local people.

“We’ve now had support from Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson and council leader Councillor Marco Cereste.

“We’ve also had some great words of support from the writer and broadcaster and former director of Friends of the Earth, Sir Jonathon Porritt.

As of 10am on Thursday, 4 December, the totla was £5,635.

He told us: “Politicians spout on and on about the importance of localism. But, more often than not, it falls to local organisations like the Green Backyard to show people what this really means – in practice, not just in theory.

“And that’s what they’re now asking of people in Peterborough: practical support, not just theoretical good wishes.”

“We have also seen businesses and organisations donating, such as a local branch of Unite the union, which donated £250.”

Details of the campaign #SaveTheGBY can be found at

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