Suicide was 'always going to happen'

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A YOUNG man with a "split personality" took his own life after his ex-girlfriend rejected his advances.

A YOUNG man with a "split personality" took his own life after his ex-girlfriend rejected his advances.William Mayes’ housemate Damon Holmes discovered his friend’s body hanging from the banisters and slumped lifeless over the sofa, with his dressing gown cord tied round his neck.

The 22-year-old had a history of self-harming, had repeatedly threatened to kill himself and was rushed to hospital in 2003 after swallowing an overdose of anti-depressants, an inquest heard.

And on December 27 last year, the 22-year-old committed suicide in his house in Crown Street, Peterborough after pleading with his former girlfriend Nicola Bird to take him back.

The inquest at the Register Office on Thorpe Road was told how he had an “on-off” relationship with Nicola and, at the time of his death, was with another girl called Rebecca Coltman.

The two young women spoke about the events leading up to the evening when William killed himself.

Miss Bird recalled how William had tried to persuade her to go round to his house the previous day, but she had declined.

She got a mobile phone text message saying he had cut his arm and she rushed round to see if he was alright.

She then went to watch DVDs in Damon Holmes’ room, but was bombarded with a barrage of texts from her ex in the next bedroom.

After she left the house, she got another text, this time with the chilling message “I’m about to die”.

Miss Bird sent a reply saying “please don’t, I need you”, but was met with silence.

But she didn’t suspect he was being serious, as he had previously threatened to strangle himself with his dressing gown cord.

Miss Bird said: “He said he felt alone and no one understood him.”

Miss Coltman also got a text message that day saying he had slashed his arm.

She said: “He threatened to do something to himself if I didn’t come round. My response was, ‘you can’t keep blackmailing me’. He had very good friends but there was always this undercurrent where there were issues in his past that he hadn’t resolved.”

His father and grandmother, who were also present, revealed how William was a Jekyll and Hyde character with a destructive side to his personality called “Sith”.

Mr Mayes also described how they feared it was only a matter of time before he ended his life.

He said: “This is all down to him. It was always going to happen, but it is very sad.”

His grandmother, who he lived with in King’s Lynn for many years, said: “We think he had a split personality.”

She added: “He was lovely when he was warm but then he would just turn and go cold.”

Coroner Gordon Ryall recorded a verdict of suicide.