Search for landowners to help grow a Forest for Peterborough

Planting trees for the Forest for Peterborough.
Planting trees for the Forest for Peterborough.
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An appeal has gone out to landowners in Peterborough to help create a forest for the city.

The plea comes from the independent charity Peterborough Environment City Trust, which is preparing for a new season of tree planting.

Over the last five years, the Forest for Peterborough project has overseen the planting of more than 80,000 trees across the city and surrounding areas.

Project officer Simon Belham say he is now planning for the next planting season, which runs from October through to March next year.

He is looking for Peterborough landowners who would like to volunteer their land for tree planting.

He said: “The aim of the project is to plant 183,000 trees by 2030, which is one tree for every person living in Peterborough.

“We want to create a network of wooded areas to improve our green spaces and create vital wildlife habitats.

“By landowners nominating their green spaces for tree planting, it will enable us to form an even greater ‘city forest’ throughout Peterborough.”

Anyone interested in finding out more or would like to discuss arranging a site visit, should contact Mr Belham on

For more information about the Forest for Peterborough project, visit the website at and find PECT on Twitter @SustainableCity.