Residents encouraged to support litter pick in wake of increasing dumped rubbish

Residents of the Ortons and beyond are being encouraged to support a community litter pick to help tackle the increasing amount of rubbish in the city.

Friday, 14th August 2020, 6:28 pm
A community litter pick is taking place starting at the Herlington Centre.

On Saturday (August 15) , Pride in the Ortons is hosting one of their bi-monthly litter picks.

It will start from the Herlington Community Centre at 11:30am and cover the surrounding estates and green areas.

It comes after a marked rise in the levels of rubbish both in Orton and across the city.

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Parish Councillor and regular attendee of the litter picks Nick Penniall said: “We have unfortunately received a lot of reports of fly-tipping during lockdown.

“It was harder to get rid of waste but there was still a lack of consideration from a lot of residents and from unlicensed collectors.

“It can be frustrating at times.

“There’s been times when my partner and I have been out for an evening walk, not even intending to do any litter picking but have ended up returning home with a couple of bags worth of litter.”

The event is open to everyone, including children, and people who don’t live locally. Anyone is welcome to go along and offer their support and it is hoped could be inspired to start their own events.

This can be easily done by contacting Aragon Direct Services, the trading company set up by the Peterborough City Council.

They will be providing the equipment for the pick to ensure it is covid safe. Groups of pickers will also be limited to six people.

Nick added: “It would be fantastic to see more people come along.

“Nobody wants to live in an area blighted by rubbish. If people want to live in a nice area, the best way to achieve it is to keep the area tidy.

“Rubbish encourages more rubbish, We want people to have respect for the area and be more wary about discarding their rubbish in the future.”