Peterborough waste incinerator contract signed

Artist's impression of how the proposed Energy from Waste plant in Fourth Drove, Fengate will look under plans from Viridor.
Artist's impression of how the proposed Energy from Waste plant in Fourth Drove, Fengate will look under plans from Viridor.
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Friday, 3.35pm: The contract to build a new £75 million incinerator in Peterborough has been signed today (2 February).

Councillor Matthew Lee, Deputy Leader of Peterborough City Council, today led the signing of a contract with recycling firm, Viridor, to build the facility on the site of the existing Materials Recycling Facility in Fengate, near to the city’s Power Station.

The new facility will be able to turn around 85,000 tonnes of non-recycled household waste into ash every year, reducing the waste going to landfill by at least 94 per cent.

The ash can also be put to good use, for example as an alternative form of aggregate in road-building.

Unlike first-generation incinerators, the latest ‘energy from waste’ facilities capture the heat created during the process and use it to generate electricity.

Peterborough’s EfW will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of up to 15 per cent of the city’s homes, which will be sold to the national grid.

The announcement is the latest milestone in a long process that has sought to find a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to the 45,000t of black bin waste the city currently sends to landfill every year.

According to the city council, the new energy from waste facility will save over 10,000t of CO2 every year compared to sending the city’s waste to landfill, which is equivalent to taking 2,800 Ford Mondeos off the road permanently*.

As well as being a more environmentally friendly solution, the facility is predicted to save Peterborough taxpayers many millions of pounds over its 30-year life.

The energy from waste facility will be built close to the power station in Fengate.

At around 85,000 tonnes per annum, the facility is designed to meet Peterborough’s needs for the next 30 years as well as provide a much needed long-term alternative to landfill for local businesses.

Cllr Lee said: “This is an important milestone for Peterborough.

“It is the day that we committed ourselves to pursuing a better alternative to dealing with our waste than sending it to landfill.

“We have tackled this issue head-on and have gone for a solution that is better for the environment and significantly better for the taxpayers of the city.”

Robert Ryan, Head of Contracts at Viridor added: “We are delighted to have signed this contract with Peterborough City Council.

“Our proposed solution will efficiently complement the council’s existing waste prevention and recycling schemes, and will contribute towards its commitment to become the UK’s Environment Capital.

“The plant will also play an essential role in moving towards a greener economy by creating around 25 permanent jobs, including apprenticeship opportunities, and many more during construction.”

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