Peterborough residents can arrange brown bin collections

Brown bins. Photo: Paul Franks
Brown bins. Photo: Paul Franks
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Peterborough residents can arrange next year’s brown bin collections from Tuesday, April 7.

The garden waste collection service, managed by Amey on behalf of Peterborough City Council, will run from May 25 to May 20 2016 and costs £39 for the year.

Collections run fortnightly for 10 months of the year and monthly in December and January, alongside households’ scheduled green bin collection.

Householders can pay for the service online, over the phone or at Bayard Place, Broadway, and those who sign up before June 22 can pay by Direct Debit in three instalments of £13.

Around 20,000 households signed up to the collection scheme in 2014/15 which ends on May 22.

For an uninterrupted service these residents will need to subscribe for 2015/16 service before this date.

Once householders subscribe to the service they will receive a bin sticker which will clearly identify the house the bin belongs to, while Amey’s in-cab system will alert the collection teams to which households have signed up.

Households that do not wish to pay for the service are encouraged to compost their garden waste or take it to the city’s Householders’ Recycling Centre in Dogsthorpe for disposal.

For more information or to sign up visit or call 01733 747474.