Mum's plea: 'Help us catch my son's killer'

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A MOTHER has made a heartfelt plea for help in tracking down her son's killer.

A MOTHER has made a heartfelt plea for help in tracking down her son's killer.Maureen Wood broke down at a press conference yesterday as she spoke about her son, Alan, who was found murdered at his home in Main Road, Lound, last Saturday.

The 50-year-old had been stabbed to death in what police describe as a “sustained attack”.

Mrs Wood (75), from Stamford appealed to the public for help.

She said: “My son was a quiet, loving, gentle man who would not hurt anyone – please help us to catch whoever did this.

“If they have done it once and get away with it, they could do it again.

“What has happened is unbelievable. It doesn’t happen to people like this.”

She last spoke to her son on the phone on the Sunday prior to this death, shortly before he was due to start a shift at Sainsbury’s store in Bourne.

She said he seemed fine and relaxed during the conversation wishing her well for a short trip she was due to take and saying he had worked extra hours in his gardening business because of the rain that had been forecast.

In paying tribute to her son, she said: “He was brilliant, he was there if you needed him to do anything.

“I recently had an operation on my foot and he was the one who took me to hospital and took me back and waited for hours.”

His former wife Joanne Wood, a legal executive from Peterborough, said: “I am going to remember him listening to music and sitting in the bar in the Willoughby Arms in Little Bytham playing with his small change on the bar.”

His youngest sister Sylvia Allett, who runs a hotel in the south of France, said: “It would make a big difference to find whoever has done this and not cause anyone else any suffering.

“What could he have possibly done that could cause such violence from somebody else?”

Mrs Allett also thanked friends for their cards and tributes in the wake of his death.

She added: “It is only when they die that you find out how much they were cared about and it means a lot.”