Killer shrimp discovered at reservoir

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AN INVASIVE species of shrimp, which threatens native water life, has been found at a Cambridgeshire beauty spot.

The gammarid shrimp – also known as the “killer shrimp” – has been discovered at Grafham Water, near Huntingdon.

The shrimp, which is widespread in Western Europe feeds on insects such as water boatmen and can even eat young fish.

An Environment Agency spokesman said the shrimp posed no risk to the drinking water supply.

But precautions to prevent the shrimps from spreading to other water habitats in the area are now being taken.

Environment Agency staff are examining nearby Diddington Brook and the Great Ouse to find out if it has spread.

Depending on the results found, further checks may take place on other lakes and rivers in the near future.

Anglers who have used Grafham Water recently are being urged to check their equipment for signs of the small shrimp, and to ensure the equipment is cleaned and dried properly.