Hope for volunteers fighting to keep the Green Backyard

The Green Backyard in Peterborough
The Green Backyard in Peterborough
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Campaigners battling to save a community project in Peterborough have been given new hope.

Volunteers with the Green Backyard in London Road had faced a race against the clock to raise the funds needed to buy the 1.5 acre plot.

Landowners Peterborough City Council put the land up for sale late last year and had set a deadline of 12 March 12 for interested parties to raise the funds to buy the site.

The asking price is thought be in the region of £750,000.

Last week it was announced that five bids have been recovered by the council for the site, including one from the Green Backyard volunteers.

Now volunteers have been told they have another six months to raise the cash they need.

Council leader councillor Marco Cereste said: “We are in the process of agreeing a six month extension with the Green Backyard.

“This is to allow them the time to work with us on a business case which will support them to secure the funding necessary to build a new vision for the attraction.

“We will continue to evaluate all the bids that we have received for the site and if necessary these will be put on hold pending our discussions with the Green Backyard.”

The London Road site is an Asset of Community Value, which means the current occupiers, the registered charity, the Green Backyard, is allowed to have first go at buying the land.

Volunteers have launched a campaign to save the Green Backyard one square foot at a time where supporters can donate £10 for each square foot of the project’s site.

Rich Hill, chair, said that £14,000 had been raised in just seven weeks and a further £1.7 million has been identified in grants from which the Green Backyard could raise at least £350,000.


Campaign: Volunteers at Peterborough’s Green Backyard want help to buy the land