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COURT: Man jailed for five years after drunken row led to killing

COURT: Man jailed for five years after drunken row led to killingCONFUSED Ambrose Moore did not realise he had killed his girlfriend during a drunken argument at their city home.

Moore (39) had lashed out at Lynn Walton at a party at their city home and had stabbed her repeatedly in the arms and legs. But the fatal blows had severed a main vein in her thigh and she bled to death overnight.

Northampton Crown Court heard that in the morning Moore, of Hinchcliffe, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, panicked and tried to hide what had happened. But then he realised he had to call in the police and medical authorities.

Yesterday he appeared before Judge Francis Allen at Northampton Crown Court for sentencing after denying murder, but pleading guilty to manslaughter, and was jailed for five years.

Prosecutor Nigel Rumfitt said the plea was acceptable to the Crown Prosecution Service,and described how Moore had experienced problems with alcohol since his mother died when he was 16.

He told the court that on the night of December 20 last year neighbours had heard loud music coming from the house where Moore lived with 42-year-old Ms Walton.

During the night there was shouting and arguing, but this was not an unusual occurrence, and so neighbours were not worried.

Mr Rumfitt added: At about 2am one of the neighbours was woken by a man and a woman shouting and the sound of breaking glass. There was also a raised female voice shouting no, no, no and then it went quiet. None of the neighbours bothered to call the police because this was fairly routine behaviour.

The next morning Moore discovered Ms Walton s body

Peter Carter, defending, said: This has been a very hard thing for him to accept and very brave of him to accept it.

His admission that he is guilty of killing the one person he loved above all others has had a great effect on him.

Judge Allen, sentencing Moore, said he was taking into account that Moore had pleaded guilty as soon as possible.

Killer was an alcoholic

THE court heard that Ambrose Moore was an alcoholic and this had contributed to his downfall.

Moore s defence solicitor, Peter Carter, said Moore had no memory of the stabbing because he had been drinking.

But he realised from bloodstains on his clothes and body that he must have been responsible for Ms Walton s death.

Judge Francis Allen said: Alcoholism has been your downfall and you have got to deal with that in future.

Initially both Moore and hisbrother Thomas were charged withmurder, but the case against Thomas was thrown out by city magistrates who decided he had no case to answer.