Flood works to take place on Nene

Environment Agency
Environment Agency
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Five weirs over a kilometre stretch of the River Nene near Oundle are being repaired by the Environment Agency so they continue to manage water levels and reduce flood risk.

The weirs, located near Lilford, help maintain water levels in the main channel of the Nene. They allow excess water to flow into other channels when levels are high, therefore reducing flood risk, and also keep water levels in the main channel suitable for boats to navigate.

Concrete patching will be carried out to repair erosion and ensure the weirs continue to operate the way they should for the next 10 to 20 years.

At the same time, the Environment Agency will also install a ‘pass’ in one of the weirs to make sure migrating fish and eels can move upstream to spawn. Completing this work simultaneously means it can be done less expensively.

Additionally, maintenance work will be carried out on Lilford sluice.

The concrete bed of the sluice and the seal on the sluice gates will be repaired to ensure the gates close smoothly and don’t leak when closed.

The repairs are expected to be completed in the next four to five weeks.

Guy Szomi, Environment Agency Catchment Engineer, said: “Flood defence assets can naturally deteriorate over time, sometimes due to erosion or damage. But we have a regular programme of inspection that allows us to regularly check our assets and schedule in the necessary maintenance.

“We prioritise all our maintenance work to make sure we’re providing benefit where it’s needed most.”