COURT: Haul of knives found during search of defendant's home, jury is told

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KNIVES, hammers and two metal poles were found in the home of a man accused of murdering Ross Parker.

KNIVES, hammers and two metal poles were found in the home of a man accused of murdering Ross Parker.KNIVES, hammers and two metal poles were found in the home of a man accused of murdering Ross Parker.

The court heard that Ahmed Ali Awan (22) was arrested outside his Gladstone Street home at about 8.20am, on September 22, last year 9 the day after the killing.

In a police interview with Awan that day, Detective Constable Peter Hart read a list of items recovered from his room, which included clothes, screwdrivers, hammers and knives.

When DC Hart said a "black Stanley knife" had been discovered, Awan replied: "That's for the hassle".

Defending Awan, Nigel Rumfitt QC, suggested that Awan had actually said "housework" and not "hassle" but the court was told a tape recording of the interview would be re-examined.

The list also included a "black-handled knife", which Awan said was his, two screwdrivers, a "scanner", that can be used to pick up police radio frequencies, a black-handled claw hammer, three "craft knives" in a box and two metal poles, about 3ft and 2ft long.

Awan said the craft knives were a friend's from his school days and the metal poles were used for hanging curtains. The court also heard that a wet French Connection T-shirt had been found in the room.

Awan told police he had been sleeping in the shirt and "must have been sweating".

Earlier in the interview, Awan said he had gone home at about midnight on the night Ross Parker was killed, after leaving the other defendants at Shaied Nazir's house at 122 Cromwell Road. He denied playing any part in the death of Ross at 1.15am.

Questioning Awan, DC Popple said: "Were you part of any group that attacked Ross Parker". Awan replied: "No, I was not".

DC Popple said: "Did you know Ross Parker?" Awan replied: "No".

DC Popple said: "Do you know anything about the murder of this young man?" Awan replied: "No".

Awan went on: "After it happened, it hit the community hard. People were just talking about it. People were saying: "Ahmed, did you have anything to do with it? They were pointing fingers at everybody. Little children were saying 'You have done it'."

Awan said the children were "messing around" because he had "a certain reputation".

Awan said he had been to Liquid nightclub, in New Road, Peterborough, on the night of the killing with co-accused Nazir, Sarfraz Ali and Ziaraff Mahrad. He said he "sweet talked" a bouncer into getting them into the venue for free.

Awan told police he got "really drunk" and was "out of his head" and said it was his idea to leave the club because he didn't like the music and his head felt "woozy".

He said they went to get food at the Eastern Delight takeaway, in Lincoln Road, and then walked to Nazir's home.

Awan said he left the others at Nazir's home and walked to his home, where his brother, Shoukat Ali Awan, and his brother's wife and children also live, at about 12.30am.

He said his brother was playing on a PlayStation and he stopped to have a game with him for about 15 minutes.

Awan told police he then went to his parent's house, which is next door to his, to get his contact lens fluid and on the way he saw his neighbour, Tammy Tanner and her husband Paul.

He said that Tammy asked him where his "scanner" was because there were people "smashing up car windows".

Awan said he couldn't find his scanner and it was about 1.40am. He said he went to bed and the first time he heard about the death of Ross was 6am the next morning.

Awan said he had lived in Gladstone Street for about a year, but had previously lived on the Welland estate in the city.

He said he had lived in the city for about 17 years and was now managing director of a recruitment company.

He said he went to Deacon's School, in Queen's Gardens, Peterborough, and then Peterborough Regional College for about one year. The case continues

Accused denies claims that he was at the scene

SARFRAZ Ali, charged with murdering Ross Parker, denied he was at the scene of the killing in a police interview.

Northampton Crown Court heard that when Shaied Nazir (22) was quizzed by officers, he said Ali was present when Ross was attacked on a cyclepath close to Bourges Boulevard at 1.15am on September 21 last year.

But in his police interview, Ali (25) said that he had slept from about 12.15am to about 3am on that night.

Ali also told police that co-accused Ahmed Ali Awan (22), of Gladstone Street, had walked home at about midnight and did not go to Nazir's home at 122 Cromwell Road.

But in the interview on September 24, DC Chris Popple said Nazir had told him that he, Ali, Awan and Ziaraff Mahrad, had gone to Nazir's home and smoked cannabis. Ali replied: "That is a lie".

DC Popple said: "How is it that Shaied (Nazir) said you went to the cycleway near Russell Street, near the murder scene, and he described these Asian youths surrounding a white lad who we know to be the murder victim Ross Parker? They were kicking this lad.

"He said that you (Ali), Ziggy (Mahrad), himself and Ahmed (Awan) went right to the scene, had a look and thought, 'I don't want to get involved in this sort of trouble and then walked back to 122 Cromwell Road'." Ali replied: "Impossible".

DC Popple said: "I am only going on what Shaied Nazir has told me. He said you were there looking down where this lad was on the ground. He was still alive at that time. You go to Shaied's garage with Ahmed and Ziggy. He's saying that you and Shaied then cleaned this hunting blade in his house."

Ali replied: "Impossible, I did not touch the knife that night."

DC Popple said: "We've seized clothing from the garage that we believe is Shaied's. It is dripping wet with blood. We haven't confirmed it is Ross Parker's blood. We believe Shaied because he puts himself at the scene.

"You say you saw Shaied at 3am, acting normally, putting a DVD in." Ali replied: "All I say is he was putting a film in. I didn't say he was acting normally. I wasn't interested in what was going on in the room. I just wanted my sleep."

DC Popple said: "Why is it that Shaied is saying that you were at the scene of the murder?" Ali replied: "I have no idea".

DC Popple said: "There is all this blood around. Shaied is saying you were there. You are saying that the next day he didn't even discuss that."

Ali replied: "I'm not saying he was there or not there. Why he didn't discuss it? I don't know." The court heard that Ali was interviewed again on September 25 but replied no comment to all questions put to him.

All four defendants deny murder. The trial continues.