COURT: Court hears of 'mission to kill'

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ZIARAFF Mahrad has denied being part of a "mission" which resulted in the killing of Ross Parker.

ZIARAFF Mahrad has denied being part of a "mission" which resulted in the killing of Ross Parker.ZIARAFF Mahrad has denied being part of a "mission" which resulted in the killing of Ross Parker.

In cross-examination, on the second day of his evidence, Ziaraff Mahrad (21) was questioned about the attack which he claimed he tried to stop.

Prosecuting, Ebrahim Mooncey, told Northampton Crown Court that the attack was planned, and Mahrad and co-accused Shaied Nazir (22), Ahmed Ali Awan (22) and Sarfraz Ali (25) had collected weapons from a garage at the rear of Nazir's home, at 122 Cromwell Road.

Ross bled to death at about 1.15am on Friday, September 21, last year after being attacked by a gang and stabbed three times with a large knife.

He had been walking along a cyclepath near Bourges Boulevard hand-in-hand with his girlfriend Nicola Foot.

Mr Mooncey said: "You went to the pathway and you and some of your friends put on balaclavas."

Mahrad interrupted: "I did not put on a balaclava."

Mr Mooncey continued: "Shaied Nazir went and called off the youngsters who were on the path already, and, as part of the plan he uses a spray to disable Mr Parker. Nicola Foot is told to start running and you, Sarfraz Ali and Shaied Nazir continue the attack."

Mahrad said: "I did not attack anyone."

The jury has heard that just before the attack on Ross, the four defendants had decided to walk from Nazir's garage to buy cigarettes at the Esso petrol station on Bourges Boulevard.

Mr Mooncey said: "You tell us you didn't see anything unusual happen before going out to the Esso garage?"

Mahrad replied: "I can't remember seeing anything unusual."

Mr Mooncey said: "Was it that the knife, the balaclavas and the hammer were all ready to be picked up?"

Mahrad replied: "I didn't see any of those things."

Mr Mooncey said: "Do you agree the knife is big, the hammer is visible? Balaclavas are not like handkerchiefs that can be folded up, and you saw none of that?"

Mahrad replied: "No."

Mahrad had previously told the court that he fell on Ross and he tried to stop Nazir and Ali kicking him.

Mr Mooncey said: "When you fell over, where was Shaied Nazir?"

Mahrad replied: "Right next to me."

Mr Mooncey said: "You say that your friends said: 'Ziggy let's go'. Is that because you were still attacking Mr Parker. That he had to tell you to: 'leave it and let's go'?"

Mahrad replied: "No."

Concluding his cross examination, Mr Mooncey said: "Mr Mahrad, you are telling lies throughout aren't you? You and your friends went on a joint mission that night and killed Ross Parker."

Mahrad replied: "No, we didn't."

Mahrad: 'I'll pray for forgiveness'

ZIARAFF Mahrad told his co-accused Shaied Nazir that he would "pray to Allah for forgiveness" while in prison, a court heard.

The words were contained in a letter sent by Mahrad (21) to Nazir (22), both of Cromwell Road, while they were being held in separate prisons following the killing, Northampton Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Ebrahim Mooncey said that in the letter, Mahrad, who was in Glen Parva young offenders' prison, near Leicester, told Nazir he had prayed "for forgiveness for all of us".

Nazir, Mahrad, Ahmed Ali Awan (22), of Gladstone Street, and Sarfraz Ali (25), of Harris Street, deny murdering Ross Parker.

Mr Mooncey said: "Why did you have to pray for forgiveness?"

Mahrad replied: "That night I thought I didn't do enough for forgiveness."

Mr Mooncey said: "Why did you have to ask forgiveness for all of you?"

Mahrad replied: "At that time I saw Sarfraz (Ali) and Shaied (Nazir) kicking him, so I asked for forgiveness from Allah for what they had done and for me for not doing enough and going for help."

Mr Mooncey said: "You don't make that distinction in any of your letters."

Mahrad said: "No, because Shaied was there and had seen what happened."

Mahrad has told the court that he fell on Ross as he lay on the ground while being kicked by Nazir and Ali (25).

But Mr Mooncey asked Mahrad why he had received no injuries.

Mr Mooncey said: "You fell unexpectedly, and you had no time to anticipate a fall, but you had no injuries."

Mahrad replied: "I don't recall any injuries. The only part of me that hit the ground was my hands."

Defendant 'dropped big clues' to police

ZIARAFF Mahrad gave police officers "clues" about who had killed Ross Parker, the court heard.

Ebrahim Mooncey, prosecuting, said Mahrad (21), of Cromwell Road, Peterborough, "dropped big clues" about his co-accused when being interviewed by police. But the court heard that Mahrad told officers he would "not name names".

Mr Mooncey said that in interview, Mahrad spoke about a garage and a big Mercedes van. He said: "You are putting Shaied Nazir in the frame in your first account. You don't mention names, but at this stage you are pointing the finger at Shaied Nazir. Who else who lives near you, has got a Mercedes van and a garage?"

Mahrad replied: "I didn't mean to tell the police that. At that time I didn't think they would find out whether Shaied had a Mercedes van or not."

Mr Mooncey said that in the interview, Mahrad mentioned the name Saff (Sarfraz Ali) and then said: "Oh my God".

Mr Mooncey said: "Why did you say that?"

Mahrad replied: "Because I didn't want to say any names."