COURT: Chilling warning to accused after being told to deliver bloodied clothes

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A MAN charged with murdering Ross Parker was given a chilling threat by one of his co-accused the day after the killing, a court heard.

A MAN charged with murdering Ross Parker was given a chilling threat by one of his co-accused the day after the killing, a court heard.A MAN charged with murdering Ross Parker was given a chilling threat by one of his co-accused the day after the killing, a court heard.

In a police interview read to Northampton Crown Court, Ziaraff Mahrad (21) said Shaied Nazir (22) rang him just hours after the attack and ordered him to bring him his blood-stained clothes.

When first interviewed on September 26 last year, five days after the killing, Mahrad, of Cromwell Road, said "one of the lads" rang him and told him to go round to his house but he refused to say who.

Mahrad told police: "He said that someone had been murdered on Bourges Boulevard on the cyclepath. He said 'where are your clothes'? He said to me 'We've killed once, we are not afraid to kill twice'."

But in a second interview the same day, Mahrad said it was Nazir that had made the call and told him to bring round his bloodied clothes.

In an interview the day after, Mahrad admitted that it had been Nazir who had made the comment to him as he handed him his clothes.

Reading from the interview, Detective Constable Neil Strachan said: "We are aware of the comment that was said to you from what you've said previously."

Mahrad and Nazir, of Cromwell Road, Sarfraz Ali (25), of Harris Street, and Ahmed Ali Awan (22), of Gladstone Street, deny murder.

Mahrad, who owns a takeaway called Chilli Masters, in King's Lynn, told police he had been at the scene of the killing and had tried to stop the attack, Northampton Crown Court heard.

He said he had fallen across Ross and had got blood on his clothes, but he denied taking part in the violence.

However, he refused to name any of the other people involved because he was scared of getting beaten up. Mahrad said he had been to Liquid nightclub, in New Road, Peterborough, on the night of the killing with the three other accused.

The court heard they had been drinking spirits and lager. He said that at about 11.45pm they walked to the Eastern Delight takeaway, in Lincoln Road, and bought food before going back to a garage at the rear of Nazir's house.

The four then decided to walk to the Esso garage to buy some cigarettes, the court heard.

Mahrad said that as they approached the footpath near Bourges Boulevard his shoelace came undone and he stopped to do it up. He said he heard shouting and looked up to see the attack on Ross.

He said: "I ran towards where the lad was on the floor getting kicked by two people. I saw three people running towards Dyson Close. I ran over and stuck my arms out and told them to get off him. They were still kicking him and I was shouting 'Leave him'.

"I had my arms out and I don't know whether I tripped over or lost balance, but I fell on top of him."

Mahrad said he knew who the two attackers were but refused to reveal their names because he feared for his safety.

DC Strachan said Mahrad was warned not to have "false loyalties" and told that the other accused had also been interviewed.

Mahrad replied: "I haven't got false loyalties. I have been so afraid, it's just unbelievable. I can tell you what my involvement was, but I can't name any other names." Mahrad said after the attack had finished he stood on the spot in shock for about five seconds. He then ran back to the shed at 122 Cromwell Road before going home to bed.

Mahrad said: "Shaied Nazir rang me the next morning on his mobile. He said 'Hurry up, come round mine'. He said he was in the garage. It was just me and him. He told me someone had been murdered at Bourges Boulevard. It just made me feel really bad. He said 'Where are your clothes, go and get them'. I went to my house and got my clothes my jumper, shirt, socks and trousers.

"I had them in a bag and I went over to his house and gave them to him."

He then told officers he heard the words: "We've killed once and we will kill again. Mahrad refused to say who had said the words.

DC Strachan said: "A 17-year-old boy was brutally murdered, stabbed to death". Mahrad replied: "I didn't murder him. I tried to stop it."

DC Strachan said: "Did you stab Ross Parker?" Mahrad replied: "No, I didn't."

DC Strachan added: "I would suggest that the reason you don't wish to name anyone in your group in the stabbing of this young man to death is because you did it yourself."

The court heard the interview had to be broken here for Mahrad to compose himself. The trial continues.

I am not a racist Mahrad

ZIARAFF Mahrad denied he was racist when questioned by police.

Mahrad (21), known to his friends as Ziggy, also said he had never heard any of the other defendants say anything racist.

Mahrad said he and co-accused Shaied Nazir (22), both of Cromwell Road, had white friends when pupils at Deacon's School, in Queen's Gardens, and Bretton Woods Community School, in Bretton, respectively.

Reading the interview to the court, Detective Constable Neil Strachan said: "How do you feel about white people." Mahrad replied: "They are all right".

DC Strachan said: "This is a completely motiveless attack, unless the motive was that the lad was the only white person who walked along the path at that spot." Mahrad replied: "If you're trying to say I'm racist, I'm not. I went to school at Deacon's School and I had more white friends there than Asian."

DC Strachan said: "How do you feel about white people?" Mahrad replied: "They are just human beings, just like the rest of us."

The court heard Mahrad and Nazir both attended Beeches Primary School, in Beech Avenue, Peterborough, and had been friends for some time.

DC Strachan added: "Were you shocked because you were only expecting someone to get a kicking, not to be stabbed to death?" Mahrad said: "I didn't know someone was dead until the next morning".

Mahrad denied taking part in the attack on Ross and said he had never worn a balaclava. Mahrad, Nazir, Sarfraz Ali (25), of Harris Street, and Ahmed Ali Awan (22), of Gladstone Street, deny murdering Ross on Friday, September 21, last year.