COURT: Nazir tells court he kicked Ross during attack but did not know about stabbing

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SHAIED Nazir told the court he kicked Ross Parker on the ground and tried to spray him with CS gas - but did not realise he had been stabbed to death.

SHAIED Nazir told the court he kicked Ross Parker on the ground and tried to spray him with CS gas - but did not realise he had been stabbed to death.SHAIED Nazir told the court he kicked Ross Parker on the ground and tried to spray him with CS gas - but did not realise he had been stabbed to death.

Giving evidence for a second day, Nazir (22), who is accused of murder, told Northampton Crown Court that he did not realise a stabbing had taken place until he got back to a garage at

the rear of his home at 122 Cromwell Road.

He said co-accused Ahmed Ali Awan gestured to him that he had "slashed" Ross around his rib cage.

As reported in The Evening Telegraph, Ross bled to death after being stabbed three times with a large knife.

The court has heard he was attacked by a gang, some wearing balaclavas, as he walked along a cyclepath, near Bourges Boulevard, with his girlfriend Nicola Foot.

Nazir, Awan (22), of Gladstone Street, Sarfraz Ali (25), of Harris Street, and Ziaraff Mahrad (21), of Cromwell Road, deny murder.

Yesterday, Nazir told the court that at the time of the killing he had been walking from the garage at his home to get some cigarettes from the Esso garage, in Bourges Boulevard, with the three co-accused and student Zaheer Abbas and Adeel Rehman (20), who have already given evidence for the prosecution.

Michael Lawson QC, defending Nazir, said: "Did you know, when you left the garage with the five other people, if anyone intended to use violence?"

Nazir replied: "No".

Mr Lawson said: "Did you know that any of them had anything with them, whether weapons or balaclavas?

Nazir replied: "No".

Nazir told the court that while Ross was on the ground he attempted to spray CS gas at him but ended up accidentally directing it at himself.

Mr Lawson said: "When you kicked Mr Parker on the ground and tried to spray him, did you know he had been fatally injured?

Nazir replied "No".

Nazir told the court that he and his co-accused had been to Liquid nightclub, in the city centre, before walking back to the garage at his home.

He said they then decided to walk to the Esso garage to buy cigarettes.

Nazir said as they came to a play area, near the scene of the attack, Ali handed him a can of CS gas which he put in his pocket and "didn't think anything of it."

Nazir said he saw Awan, Ali and Mr Rehman wearing balaclavas, which he said were owned by Awan.

During Nazir's evidence his co-accused sat in the dock with their heads mostly bowed to the floor and at one point Awan shook his head.

Nazir said he kept walking towards the Esso garage and told some Asian youngsters to go home because it was late.

He also saw some youths running towards nearby Dyson Close.

Mr Lawson said: "Did you know why?"

Nazir said he turned around a saw a body being kicked by Mr Rehman, Mr Abbas and Ali. He said he saw Mahrad running towards the attack and Awan running back in the direction they had come from.

Mr Lawson said: "What about you?"

Nazir replied: "Yes, I was involved".

Mr Lawson said: "How did you join in?"

Nazir said: "I turned round and kicked him a couple of times."

Mr Lawson said: "Did you get the gas can out and did you use it?

Nazir replied: "Yes, I sprayed in the opposite direction, I sprayed myself."

Nazir said he saw the hammer being used by Ali and the incident was over in "about a minute".

He said he only realised he had blood on his trousers and boots when he got back to the garage at his home.

But he said he could not see any blood when it happened, because the lighting was so bad.

He said that back at the garage he saw Awan with the murder weapon, which had blood on it.

He asked Awan where the knife had come from, but he got no reply, the court heard.

Nazir said: "I was shocked and I asked Ahmed if he had stabbed him or slashed him.

"He said, 'I slashed him'. He said he slashed him around here." At this point Nazir pointed to his rib cage just under his left arm.

Nazir told the court he washed the knife in his kitchen and also attempted to clean Ali's bloodied boots.

He said he and his co-accused then started making up an alibi. Nazir said Awan was going to claim he went straight home after leaving the club because he had been seen that night by members of the Tanner family, in Gladstone Street.

Nazir said he did not sleep that night and did not find out that Ross had been killed later on that morning.

'I wanted to tell the truth'

SHAIED Nazir told the court he started telling the truth only when he believed the case was a "cut throat" between him and co-accused Ahmed Ali Awan.

Under cross-examination yesterday, Nazir said in police interviews he told officers he had come across the killing of Ross Parker and stayed for about 20 seconds before leaving.

Nigel Salts QC, defending Sarfraz Ali, asked Nazir when he decided to change his story and say that his client had been involved in the attack and had handed him a can of CS gas.

He also asked why Nazir had not mentioned that prosecution witnesses Adeel Rehman and Zaheer Abbas has also been involved.

Nazir said: "I knew it from the beginning but I didn't tell my legal team until November 23."

Mr Salts said: "That was long after the trial had started and long after Mr Abbas and Mr Rehman had given evidence. Why?"

Nazir said: "Because I wanted to tell the truth."

Mr Salts said: "Why at that moment?"

Nazir said: "Because Mr Rumfitt (Awan's barrister) stood in court and said something along the lines of, it was a cut throat between me and Ahmed. Then I decided to tell the truth."

Mr Salts said his client was not at the scene of the killing at all and Nazir used the hammer on Ross.

Mr Salts said: "The CS gas had nothing to do with Saff (Ali). You are lying aren't you?. It was yours and yours alone." Nazir replied: "No".

Mr Salts said: "What were you doing spraying CS gas at a man who was mortally wounded?"

Nazir replied: "I just turned round and sprayed the gas straight away."

'It was not my knife'

SHAIED Nazir denied having "a sick obsession with knives".

Nigel Rumfitt QC, defending Ahmed Ali Awan, said Nazir told police that just after the killing, when the knife used to kill Ross still had blood on it, Nazir had said: "That's a nice knife".

Mr Rumfitt said it was not Awan but Nazir who had a "fascination with knives".

Cross-examining Nazir, Mr Rumfitt had the "combat knife", which was used to kill Ross, held up at Northampton Crown Court.

Another exact replica of the weapon, which has a 12-inch serrated blade and teeth down one side, was also given to members of the jury to inspect.

Mr Rumfitt said: "Could you tell the jury what particular feature of that is nice."

Nazir replied: "The way the whole thing is made".

Mr Rumfitt said: "You like that particular knife do you?"

Nazir replied: "I did, yes".

Mr Rumfitt said: "Have you got some sort of sick obsession with knives Mr Nazir?"

Nazir replied: "No".

Mr Rumfitt said: "It's not Mr Awan with the sick fascination with knives, it is you and you are just putting your guilt on to him."

Nazir replied: "No".

Mr Rumfitt asked Nazir why he had washed the knife after finding it in the garage at his home at 122 Cromwell Road.

Nazir said because it was "covered in blood" and was "in my shed".

Mr Rumfitt said: "The reason you washed the knife and the reason it was in your shed two days later was because it was yours. You washed the knife because you killed Ross Parker didn't you?"

Nazir replied: "No".

Mr Rumfitt said that Nazir had been "under