COURT: Awan told 'pack of lies' to court

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ONE of the men accused of murdering Ross Parker "told a pack of lies" when giving evidence, a court heard.

ONE of the men accused of murdering Ross Parker "told a pack of lies" when giving evidence, a court heard.ONE of the men accused of murdering Ross Parker "told a pack of lies" when giving evidence, a court heard.

During cross-examination Stephen Coward QC said Ahmed Ali Awan had lied about his movements on the night of the attack, his clothing and about the translation of secret recordings made in a police van.

Mr Coward added that Ahmed Ali Awan (22) had even lied about his brother's presence in the court during the trial.

Referring to secret tape recordings made in a police van, Mr Coward said Awan and another suspect arrested at the same time, who cannot be named for legal reasons, could be heard talking about the murder, which Awan claims not to have been involved with.

Mr Coward said: "On the tape the other suspect can clearly be heard saying: 'We, mate, have not done anything' and 'maybe Biggy (Shaied Nazir) told them he saw us'.

"He seems to be talking about the two of you, doesn't he?"

Awan replied: "No."

Mr Coward said: "I would say this shows you are involved and are trying to wriggle out of it."

Awan, of Gladstone Street, Peterborough, replied: "No."

Mr Coward said: "I suggest you have told a pack of lies about your movements on the night, what you were wearing and about the van tapes."

Awan denied this.

Mr Coward then asked Awan about his brother Shokat, and asked if was correct that up until November 28, Shokat attended virtually every day of the trial

Awan replied: "He may have."

Mr Coward said: "You can't have missed him. He is your brother, the dock is made of glass and you must have glanced across at the public gallery occasionally."

Awan replied: "I don't remember seeing him in court."

Mr Coward said Ahmed Ali Awan was lying because his brother was due to give evidence and should not therefore have been sitting in the court. He then suggested that Awan had told a lie because he was scared that the fact his brother had heard the majority of the prosecution evidence was known it could affect the credibility given his evidence.

Giving evidence, Shokat Ali Awan said that on the evening of September 20 he had been celebrating his birthday at home with his wife and two children.

He said: "Some time between 12.30am and 1am, I heard the door open and I felt the presence of someone coming into the house.

"I did not turn around and look who it was, but I knew it must be Ahmed."

Shokat told the court he did not hear the door open or close again that evening, and that to his knowledge Ahmed Ali Awan had stayed at home all night.

He added that he did not speak to Ahmed Ali Awan when he returned home that evening.

But Stephen Coward QC told Shokat that his brother had already told the court that when he returned home he played on the Playstation with him. Shokat said that Ahmed must have made that up.

Ahmed Ali Awan, Ziaraff Mahrad (21) of Cromwell Road, Sarfraz Ali (25) of Harris Street and Shaied Nazir (22) of Cromwell Road all deny murder. The trial continues.

Defendant insists he was in bed all the time

AHMED Ali Awan insisted during his third day in the witness box that he was in bed at the time of Ross Parker's murder.

Stephen Coward QC, prosecuting, queried whether or not Awan was being truthful when he said he was at home before 1am in the early hours of September 21.

Mr Coward said: "What time did you get home?"

Awan (22), replied: "About 1am, but I cannot be sure."

Mr Coward responded: "I suggest that you had taken part in the killing, you went back to the shed, there were discussions about an alibi and then you said you were going home."

Awan replied: "That is not true."

Mr Coward then asked Awan whether or not it was true that he had attempted to seek an alibi from the Tanner family, who lived nearby.

He said: "Wyed said you told everyone you did not need to be a part of the alibi because you had met the Tanners and they were going to do it for you."

Awan replied: "That is not true."

Mr Coward responded: "Where could he have got that from?

"I suggest that you were hoping the Tanners would put you near your home at a time which did not fit with you being a murderer."

Awan said: "No."

Brother denies Awan's 'video nasty' statement

THE brother of Ahmed Ali Awan was watching a video of killings and cannibalism on the evening of Ross Parker's death, a court heard.

Ahmed Ali Awan claimed that when he returned to the home he shared with his brother Shokat and his wife and children, Shokat was watching a "video nasty".

Stephen Coward QC, prosecuting asked Shokat Ali Awan what he was doing in the early hours of September 21. He said: "Have you ever watched a video nasty? By that I mean a video featuring people being murdered and cut up and cannibalism?"

Shokat Ali Awan replied: "No."

Mr Coward said his reason for asking the question was that in the middle of Ahmed Ali Awan's statement to police he said that after drinking with friends he returned home and Shokat watching a "video nasty".

Shokat denied watching such a video.

Mr Coward then said: "Your brother says he got home at about 12.30am and played Playstation with you. Is that correct?" Shokat replied: "No."

Mr Coward said: "Why did he say that?"

Shokat replied: "I don't know."