Couple start bid to stop planned felling of trees

Councillor Ed Murphy (right) with residents Sue Godhard, Deborah Gibbons and John Goddard. Photo: Rowland Hobson
Councillor Ed Murphy (right) with residents Sue Godhard, Deborah Gibbons and John Goddard. Photo: Rowland Hobson
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A couple from Peterborough have started a campaign to save a number of trees near their home which are set to be felled to make way for housing.

Martin and Susan Godhard, of Portman Close, Netherton, have written to local councillors in a bid to stop the proposals.

The trees are on a plot of land which was bought by developers Morris Homes over two years ago to build 152 homes.

Most of the site is now complete, but Mr and Mrs Godhard want the developers to review their decision to fell the trees.

Martin Godhard (53) said: “The trees are beautiful and in good condition, there is no reason to lose them.

“There is a grade A1 silver maple, a grade B2 box elder, several grade B2 silver birch, a B1 flowering cherry and a B2 Lombardy poplar to name but a few.

“They act as a barrier and a shield for our house from the new development.

“If they go then our home and our back garden will be completely overlooked.

“At the time of development we appealed the loss of these trees but lost and it was decided that they were all to be felled.

“It seems to me that developers always tend to their get way but we hope this can be an exception to the rule.”

Sue Godhard (60) added: “The city council is always on about making Peterborough a green capital for the region and I would like to think that their councillors can help us.

“We realise the decision has been taken by the developers but we have not given up hope that it could be reversed.

“We love our home and don’t want to move so we really hope that something can be done.”

Ravensthorpe councillor Ed Murphy, who is backing the Godhard’s bid, said: “I am going to put pressure on the developers to have a re-think about the trees.

“They are in good condition and getting rid of them seems very drastic. This is an area of town which I know well and want to work to protect our environment wherever possible.”

Nobody from Morris Homes was available for comment when contacted by the Peterborough Telegraph on Wednesday (6 June).

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