Comment: The yobs who spoil a beautiful day

Litter left at Ferry Meadows
Litter left at Ferry Meadows
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Today was a beautiful morning so I decided to go for a bike ride around Ferry Meadows. I wish I hadn’t.

The natural beauty was ruined by this ugly mess I came across. As I approached I thought animals must have strewn the contents of a bin across the table and path.

What a mess! Debris left at Ferry Meadows

What a mess! Debris left at Ferry Meadows

I was right it was animals. But these were not furry ones with sharp teeth, these were ones who walk on two legs.

This disgusting mess was left by people.

Or should that be scum.Is that too harsh?

I don’t think so.They clearly have no respect for other people, their environment, wildlife, or crucially, themselves.

The remains of a barbecue left on a path at Ferry Meadows

The remains of a barbecue left on a path at Ferry Meadows

You might jump to the conclusion what sort of people were responsible for this mess. Young? Male? Foreign? Drinkers?

But I think the evidence, sadly, points to a family group - the key clue being that among the debris there were no discarded empty bottles or cans of booze.

I really hope whoever did this didn’t have children with them – what an example to set that would be.

They must have taken bags to carry the food and drink and plastic plates and cups. So why not use those bags to take the rubbish away in?

What went through their minds? Presumably they choose this location for their barbecue (the coals were left on the path) because it was a beauty spot.

It wasn’t after they had been there.

The culprits will never be caught (and that’s not a pop at the authorities) but if they wer,e they should be made to wear a high-vis jacket with the words ‘litter lout’ emblazoned upon it and made to clear up city grotspots.

What do you think?

Do we do enough to educate people about littering?

Do we do enough to catch litter louts?

And when we do is the punishment tough enough?