Caring Carole launches litter pick campaign

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ARMED with a litter picker and dustbin bags, a city woman hopes to become a tidy example to her fellow residents.

ARMED with a litter picker and dustbin bags, a city woman hopes to become a tidy example to her fellow residents.Carole Kariuki has launched a six-month litter picking campaign in a bid to spruce up the streets around her home in Bourges Boulevard, New England, Peterborough.

Called It’s in Your Hands, the campaign will also see the 32-year-old working to change the behaviour of how people perceive rubbish.

Miss Kariuki collected two bags of rubbish when she single-handly took to the streets in Central ward last week.

She said: “I want to try and change people’s habits. I hope to set an example to people and change people’s perceptions of rubbish, teach people how to dispose of rubbish and how to respect the area.

“I want to teach people not to act like they have just come out of the wilderness and instead treat their streets with respect for as long as they live there.

“Central ward, like many areas of the city, can often get quite untidy with litter and rubbish scattered all over the place.”

Miss Kariuki will initially be launching the campaign for a sixmonth period where she hopes other people, groups and organisations will join her so it can really take off.

She added: “I am a little disappointed that no one joined me on my first litter pick, but I am not going to give up there.

“I hope that, in time, people will see I am trying to make a difference and perhaps next time join me for an hour or so.”

Central ward councillor Nazim Khan said: “It is a very nice gesture for Carole to give up her time and help to make her community a better place.

“It is a very commendable thing to do and the more people that get involved, the better.

“Anything that individual people do to make a difference ought to get more encouragement from local groups and people and I, for one, will fully support Carole.

“It is fantastic work and I hope she keeps it up.”

n For more information about the campaign, call 07872 665907.