‘Biohazardous’ waste found by Thorpe Wood in Peterborough

Hazardous clothing bag in bushes at Thorpe Wood EMN-151027-153549009
Hazardous clothing bag in bushes at Thorpe Wood EMN-151027-153549009
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Dumped waste labelled biohazardous was spotted by a man during a weekly walk near Thorpe Wood.

The discovery was made by Gerald Bannister (73) of Millfield who said he had contacted Peterborough City Council a couple of weeks ago and was told the waste would be picked up immediately.

However, on further visits to the site for the following week he noticed nothing had been done.

Mr Bannister, who gets off the bus just past Thorpe Wood Police Station to go for walks, spotted from the road an unusual item in some bushes a few Fridays ago.

He said: “There was a large clear plastic sack and I noticed clothing inside it. It was wrapped in tape saying ‘biohazardous’.

“I phoned the council and was told it would be collected urgently.”

But a week-and-a-half later the waste had not disappeared.

Mr Bannister added: “I’m concerned that the council have not collected it urgently like they said they would.”

The waste has now been removed from the site with a council spokesman saying: “We apologise for not clearing the item sooner and it has now been disposed of by Amey.

“We clear thousands of fly tips every year costing the taxpayer around £230,000. We would like to thank the resident for reporting the waste and ask all incidents of fly-tipping to be reported by calling 01733 747474.”