End of term video by teachers at Malcolm Sargent Primary School in Stamford is a surprise hit online

It might be well into the school summer holidays now but a video made by teachers to mark the end of term is still getting plenty of hits online.

Friday, 12th August 2016, 11:47 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:48 pm
Malcolm Sargent Primary School lip sync video to Sunshine in my Pocket by Justin Timberlake EMN-161108-101357001

Staff at Malcolm Sargent Primary School in Stamford decided to make a video of staff lip-syncing to the hit summer song Sunshine in my Pocket by Justin Timberlake to show to youngsters during the end of term assembly.

And it was such a success with children, they uploaded it to their new Facebook page on the last day of term and as the Mercury went to press yesterday, it had been viewed more than 14,000 times.

The school’s business manager Liz Town, who herself appears in the video, said staff always perform a carol at the school’s Christmas concert in a bid to show the pupils that teachers get involved in the same activities they’re asked to - and that they can have fun too.

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She said: “The children absolutely loved it - they were all cheering and laughing during the assembly. Sometimes the final assembly can be a bit sad for the leavers but all the children were laughing. It went down really well.

“We’re all completely overwhelmed at the reaction it’s getting online. With 625 pupils in the school, we would have been happy to get 1,000 views.

“We’ve had nothing but positive comments and we all enjoyed making it so the whole experience has just been amazing.”

The concept was thought up by the school’s music leader and choir master Vicki Mills and all staff were involved, secretly filming snippets when the children weren’t around on class iPads. Teachers can be seen dancing on tables and on the outside play equipment. Other than the teachers involved in the editing, even staff didn’t see the final video until the assembly.

But Liz said the school may not repeat the experience in the future. “We like to surprise the children so who knows what we’ll do next.”

The school decided to launch the Facebook page as an interactive way to stay in touch with parents and let the wider community know what they are doing. To see the video visit https://www.facebook.com/Malcolm-Sargent-Primary-School-Stamford-1706450922975790/?fref=nf