REVEALED: The Peterborough primary schools told to improve exam results

Braybrook  Primary  School EMN-180703-171122009
Braybrook Primary School EMN-180703-171122009
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The list of Peterborough primary schools which were told to improve following last year’s SATS results can be revealed.

Peterborough City Council issued informal letters of concern to 12 schools and formal warning notices, which are more serious, to two primaries.

Barnack C of E Primary School EMN-180903-150333009

Barnack C of E Primary School EMN-180903-150333009

The names of the schools have only now been revealed after a Freedom of Information request to the council.

Peterborough finished second bottom out of 152 authorities last year at Key Stage 2 level - the same position it had occupied the year before.

The council said: “The local authority has a statutory duty to take action where maintained schools are not achieving outcomes which are as good as they might be.

“These informal letters of concern are early and pre-emptive, positive action to raise awareness that standards could be improved and encourage the schools to work with the local authority to bring about improvement.

“There could be a wide number of reasons why results are not as good as they could be, and at least some of these are out of the control of the school.”

The council said: “The local authority has a duty under legislation to issue these letters where schools have not been achieving outcomes which are as good as they might be over successive years.

“It is important to note that one of these schools has now improved to such an extent that it has recently been judged by Ofsted to be providing a ‘Good’ quality of education for its pupils.

“The other has seen an improvement to outcomes for younger pupils over successive years and is now confident that this will translate into improved performance at the end of KS2.

“Please note that all of the letters relate to standards achieved at the end of Year 6 in May 2017. None of these relate to finance or budgets.

“Every school has written a comprehensive and detailed action plan, endorsed and supported by governors. Every one of these action plans have been approved by the Education Department of Peterborough City Council as being of good quality, with the right actions identified to bring about the progress needed.

“Every school is making good progress in implementing the action plan and seeing positive impact of the actions taken.

“Peterborough City Council is committed to working with the schools across the city to improve their performance and will continue to do so.

“The schools named have not simply acknowledged that actions are needed but are fully committed to making those improvements.”

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