Peterborough teens celebrate GCSE results

The Peterborough School pupils Jordan Grinyer (all As and A*s), Abigail Williams (7.5 A*/A), Joelina Parketny (8 A/A*s), and William Smith (9.5 A/A*s).
The Peterborough School pupils Jordan Grinyer (all As and A*s), Abigail Williams (7.5 A*/A), Joelina Parketny (8 A/A*s), and William Smith (9.5 A/A*s).
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Teenagers have been jumping for joy after picking up top GCSE results across Peterborough.

The 16-year-olds had been nervously waiting for their exam grades since taking the tests in the summer, but finally found out their scores this morning.

Students at Nene Park Academy have exceeded the expected level of progress in a number of core GCSE subjects including English and maths.

Nene Park Academy’s English results saw 73 per cent of students achieve an A* to C grade, an 8 per cent increase from 2014 and above last year’s national average.

The proportion of students to achieve an A* to C grade in maths also rose to 60 per cent, with 53 per cent of students achieving A* to C grades in both English and maths.

The school saw 45 per cent of pupils gain at least five A*-C grades including English and maths, and 52 per cent gain five GCSEs at A*-C.

There were a number of individual success stories to celebrate. Adam Brighty secured 9 A* and 2 A grades. Adam is also a talented footballer who trained at the Peterborough United FC Academy, based at Nene Park Academy. He will now study A levels and play for St Neots Town Football Club.

Other successful students were Rani Mukherjee with 12 grades at A* or A, Zak Thomasson with 10 grades at A* or A, Michael Ford with 8 A grades, and Anna Johnson with 6 grades at A* or A.

Principal Steve Howard said: “We have again seen some signs of volatility in our results following changes in the exam system in 2014, however we have excellent achievements in a number of areas and subjects.

“Our overall pass rate is up on last year and the results for the students reflect the expected grades for this year group. I am also particularly pleased to see strong levels of progress in core subjects including English, and in creative subjects like art, music and film studies.

“These results are a critical success as 92 students joined the school in 2010 when Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust took over its leadership and are now leaving, five years later, as a successful year group of 140 students.”

There were more successes at Kings School in the city.

Headteacher Darren Ayling, said: “We would like to say well done to our pupils at The King’s School, who have worked extremely hard for their GCSE success. Against a national backdrop in which GCSEs are increasingly challenging, our pupils have secured 68 per cent of A*/B grades this year and 94 per cent of our pupils achieved five or more A* to C grades: a very impressive set of results! We wish them well in the next stage of their academic careers.”

The Peterborough School first accepted boys into the Senior School five years ago and this first fully co-educational cohort is today celebrating excellent GCSE results with 100 per cent of the students gaining the benchmark figure of at least five passes at A* to C.

In addition, almost a third (31%) excelled by gaining at least eight A or A* grades.

Rohan Khosla and Ellen Thompson topped the points table with Rohan gaining nine A* and one A and Ellen getting six A* and five As.

Other students with at least 10 straight A*s and As were Jordan Grinyer, Matthew Rate, William Smith and Tukiya Mukutuma.

The figure for those gaining five passes at A*-C including English and Maths is 89 per cent.

Headmaster Adrian Meadows said he was delighted that this pioneering group of students has acquitted themselves so well. He said: “As our first fully co-educational cohort, these students already have their place in the school’s history and I am so pleased that a wonderful set of results will now be written alongside them. They have set an excellent precedent for future year groups and I offer them my heartfelt congratulations”.

Students are celebrating further improvements in GCSE results at Thomas Deacon Academy with 48 per cent of young people achieving 5 or more GCSE grades at A* - C including English and maths. This represents a 9 per cent increase on last year’s reported figure of 39 per cent.

There was individual student success for several young people at TDA. Hana Bouzenada gained 9 A* and 2 A grades, Madeline Wallace gained 9 A* and 2 A grades, O’Nisa Ali gained 6 A* and 4 A grades, Thomas Hamlyn gained 6 A* and 4 A grades, Surajkumar Patel gained 5 A* and 2 A grades, Madeleine Collins gained 3 A* and 7 A grades, Jessica Edgley gained 3 A* and 7 A grades, Chelsea Sidorowicz gained 3 A* and 7 A grades, Oleta Norvilaite gained 3 A* and 7 A grades, Patrick Fordham gained 3 A* and 6 A grades and Amna Aziz gained 3 A* and 5 A grades. These students were absolutely delighted with their results and plan to continue their studies in TDA Sixth Form.

Julie Taylor, CEO and Principal said: “I am extremely pleased with the results for our students. They have worked hard and deserve their success.”

Geoff Walls, Vice Principal praised the work ethic of the young people “Students have realised that they have to work hard if they want to achieve success. They have been prepared to put in the hours with their teachers to improve their grades.”

Geoff Walls was very pleased with the English and maths results. “More students than ever have achieved the top grades in English (63%) and maths (60%) this year. The teachers have worked tirelessly with our young people to ensure that they achieved the best possible grades.”

Ormiston Bushfield Academy is celebrating this year’s GCSE results, as 46 per cent of students achieved five or more A*-C grades, including English and Maths.

Overall, progress has risen again at the Academy with 67 per cent of students making expected progress in English, and 64 per cent making expected progress in Maths, which shows an 8 per cent rise on last year.

The Academy has also seen an impressive number of students who have made better than expected progress. Thirty per cent and 28 per cent of students made better than expected progress in English and maths respectively. This is an increase on last year of six percentage points in English, and nine percentage points in maths.

Among the top performing pupils are Sylwia Sajbak (16), who achieved a string of exceptional results, with 11 A*s and 2 As, and Rachel Fox (16), who achieved 7 A*s, 4 As and 2 Bs.

100 per cent of students taking GCSE Physics achieved A*-C grades, while 96 per cent of students achieved A*-C grades in French, and 86 per cent of students taking GCSE Statistics also achieved A*-C grades.

Dennis Kirwan, Principal of Ormiston Bushfield Academy said, “I’m very pleased with this year’s GCSE results. I’m particularly delighted with the increase in progress levels that we’ve seen in the core subjects of English and maths.

“All of our students have worked very hard to achieve their GCSEs, and we congratulate them all on their success.”

Toby Salt, Chief Executive of Ormiston Academies Trust said, “Many congratulations to all students at Bushfield receiving their GCSE results today – they have worked incredibly hard and deserve their success. I would also like to thank the staff and senior team for all their work to help their students reach their potential.”

There was disappointment at Hampton College, as results did not meet their predictions.

A total of 50 per cent of Hampton College students passed 5 or more GCSEs at the higher grades of A*-C, including Maths and English and 98 per cent of students achieved 5 GCSEs or equivalent at A*-G.

Headteacher, Helen Price, said she was proud of the pupils but would be looking at the results carefully. She said: “We knew that this year’s GCSE attainment would not be as strong as the last couple of years, based on the intake profile of the year group. The progress students have made during their time at Hampton College is pleasing, with 72% of students making expected progress across the core subjects of English and Mathematics.

“However, we are disappointed with the overall headline figure for the school, which is below the level we had been predicting. Therefore, we will be going through the results carefully and will be requesting re-marks for some students in a number of subjects. As ever we are extremely proud of our students and very appreciative of the hard work of the staff who work with them.”

Year 11 students at Arthur Mellows Village College have once again excelled themselves, achieving a highly impressive 76.5 per cent of students with 5 or more A* to C grades including Maths and English. This is great testament to the hard work of everyone concerned. Hope Costello was the top performer, gaining an outstanding 8 A* grades and 2 A grades.

Head Mike Sandeman said: “These results complement the recent A Level results and reflect the outstanding commitment of our students and the dedication of all our staff. The College continues to build upon its reputation for academic excellence.”

There was a mixed reaction at Ken Stimpson School following their results.

There was a 44 per cent pass rate for pupils getting five A*-C graded including English and maths.

Principal Richard Lord said: “I am particularly pleased with our English results for the second year in succession, given that this was a key issue arising from our last Ofsted inspection. The progress that students have made in English in their time at the school has been superb.

“A tremendous amount of work and effort has gone into preparing for these exams with students attending additional support sessions at lunchtimes, after school, at weekends and throughout each holiday over the course of the previous academic year. My thanks go to the staff for giving so freely of their time.

“Whilst pleased with many aspects of this set of results, we were genuinely surprised with some of the outcomes in GCSE Maths with a number of students predicted to achieve high grade passes not doing so. The substantial increase in grade boundaries appear to have affected this group more than others and we will look to challenge some of these results.”

Particular praise was given to Joe Parr - six A* grades, three A grades and one B grade; Sammy Scane - five A* grades and five A grades;

Michael Peacock - one A* grade and 9 A grades; Zoe George - two A* grades, 5 A grades and three B grades; Owain Wilkie - eight A grades and two B grades; Abigail Roberts - one A* grade, six A grades, two B grades and one C grade; Chiara Beeby - one A* grade, five A grades, three B grades and one C grade.

St John Fisher Catholic High are very pleased with results of our students at GCSE Level. Many subjects have done very well with excellent results from students Stephen Coombe Boxall, Sercan Ustuner, and Faheel Bandy who each achieved 3 A*’s, 4 A’S and 3 B’s: congratulations to them all.

Overall over 50% of students achieved 5 GCSE’S A*- C although we are currently unable to give final figures on our results because we are still waiting on a number to come into School.

Tom Reilly Deputy Headteacher said “ I am pleased with the individual achievements of our students, I know they have worked hard and thank their parents and teachers for all their support . It is great that so many students are staying on into Sixth Form and those who are not have another course in place.”

Jack Hunt School is extremely pleased with its GCSE results this year. It has seen an increase in its 5A* - C inc English and Maths grades to reach 55% and overall, 69% of students achieved 5 A* - C grades.

Among the top performing students are Michella Ahmed with 6 A* and 4 A grades; Ifeoluwa Komolafe with 6 A*, 3 A and 1 B grade; Edith Prosser with 5 A* and 5 A grades; Thomas Miller with 5 A*, 2 A and 3 B grades; Alice Taylor with 4 A*, 6 A and 1 B grade; Zain Hussian with 4 A*, 2 A, 3 B and 1 C grade; Chloe Smart with 3 A*, 5 A and 1 B grade; Eleanor Mitchell with 3 A*, 3 A and 4 B grades; Eman Aly with 3 A*, 4 A, 3 B and 2 C grades; Lobna

Azoui with 2 A*, 6 A and 2 B grades; Ann Santosh with 2 A*, 5 A and 3 B grades; Lawrence Acosta Paxton with 2 A*, 4 A and 4 B grades; Matija Zivotic with 2 A*, 4 A, 3 B and 1 C grade; Sabra Sultana with 1 A*, 7 A and 2 B grades; James Prange with 1 A*, 7 A, 2 B and 1 C grade; Artaza Khan with 9 A and 1 B grade; and Jerin Matthew with 8 A and 2 B grades.

Pamela Kilbey, Headteacher, said “We are delighted by these results which outperform the very challenging target we set for this cohort of students and will lead to an exceptional value added figure for achievement. Our students have worked incredibly hard, attending Saturday and Evening Schools throughout the year, and we are extremely proud of them. We are also grateful for the backing we have received from parents. Our students have been

tremendously well supported by dedicated members of staff who are thrilled that all their efforts have led to such success.”

Pupils at the Stanground Academy are celebrating after receiving their results for their GCSEs.

Indicative results show that 45 per cent of pupils have gained five or more GCSE passes (A*-C) including English and mathematics which is above the current national target for pass rates at GCSE (40 per cent).

Also of interest is that the Academy entered 47 per cent of the year group for EBacc, compared to 36 per cent nationally in 2014. A remarkable, 27 per cent of Year 11 students have achieved the EBacc which is an eight per cent increase on last year and above the national pass rate (24 per cent) in 2014. Many departments have achieved significant success. Languages did exceedingly well where 56 per cent of the cohort were entered for the examination and an amazing 94 per cent achieved a grade A* to C.

Ged Rae, Principal, said: “I would like to congratulate our students on their many successes. These results are testament their hard work and determination to succeed and I wish them every success as they continue their education or enter training or employment”.

Special congratulations went to Imanie Maynard-Outing who achieved three A* grades, four A grades, a B grade and one Distinction*; Monika Zdunek who achieved two A* grades, four A grades, four B grades and one Distinction; Mille Forster who achieved two A* grades, three A grades, three B grades and one Distinction*; Chloe Orvis who achieved one A* grade, seven A grades, a B grade and one Distinction; Dalton Jenkins who achieved one A* grade, four A grades, one B grade, three C grades and one Distinction* and Henry Skrobot who achieved four A grades, four B grades and a C grade.

There was more disappointment at The Voyager Academy.

The school has announced initial figures that show 24 per cent of students achieved five GCSEs at A*-C grades. Nineteen per cent of students achieved five GCSEs at A*-C grades, including English and maths.

Scott Hudson, Principal of The Voyager Academy said, “We are extremely disappointed with this year’s GCSE results. Our immediate concern is supporting those students who did not achieve the results they needed or expected. I will be at the Academy today, along with teaching and leadership staff, to ensure each student is spoken with on an individual basis. It is crucial that these students are given a clear sense of what options are available to them, and what happens next.

“The results were unexpectedly low, and we are in the process of appealing a number of papers which we think have been unfairly marked. I will be working with my Board of Governors and Comberton Academy Trust to conduct a full and thorough analysis of the results, and to identify how we can implement positive change quickly and robustly across the school.

“When I took up the post of Principal at The Voyager Academy in July I made a commitment to improving standards and opportunities for every student that passes through our doors. I remain committed to that, and will be working with my leadership team to ensure that we drive forward major improvement in every area of the school.”


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