Peterborough schools offered new funds-creating partnership venture

Paul Andrews and Scott Warrington, founders of School Lettings Solutions.
Paul Andrews and Scott Warrington, founders of School Lettings Solutions.
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Schools in Peterborough are being urged to sign up for a funds-creating venture.

School Lettings Solutions helps schools generate extra income by managing their facilities and matching them with local community groups.

It has already signed up the 80O-student Ormiston Bushfield Academy, in Ortongate.

The organisation looks to fully manage schools’ facilities at no cost while linking them with local community groups in need of venues.

The business is expanding nationally and wants to sign up schools in Peterborough, which are currently facing hundreds of thousands of pounds of funding cuts.

Through its partnerships, School Lettings Solutions aims to help thousands more community organisations, from sports clubs to theatre schools, access facilities that were previously closed to them.

Director of School Lettings Solutions, Scott Warrington, said: “We’re really looking forward to partnering with more schools and academies in Peterborough.

“There is huge potential to provide more places for people of all ages to come together, which can only be a positive thing for local communities.

“At the same time, our partnerships provide a new stream of income for schools as their budgets come under more and more pressure.”

The Bolton-based organisation is currently working with more than 100 schools across the country and is partner to more than 20 national sport, health, performing arts, education organisations.