No dressing up ‘awful’ primary school results says Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson

Stewart Jackson
Stewart Jackson
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Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson has claimed primary school results in the city are ‘awful’ and that government ministers could be losing patience with the city council.

Data released on Thursday (December 10) shows 11 of Peterborough’s 56 primary schools are underperforming when it comes to basic reading, writing and maths.

This is a slight improvement on last year when 12 of 54 schools missed the benchmark for Key Stage 2 tests, but it still places the council as 146th out of 152 local authorities, compared to 148th 12 months ago.

Peterborough City Council leader Councillor John Holdich has admitted that the results are disappointing while also pointing out that on average schools runs by the authority are out-performing academies.

However, Mr Jackson said that the schools table speaks for itself. “The results are pretty awful and there’s no dressing it up,” he said.

“Ministers have told the city council to urgently bring forward remedial plans and I sense they’re losing patience.

“The problem is essentially too many pupils entering and leaving the schools system throughout the year. It’s the result of unplanned immigration and it’s very debilitating and hard for teachers to cope with.

“Blaming academies is only half true. They’re academies because they were failing LEA schools and it takes time to turn round endemic under performance.”

To meet the government’s floor standard, schools must ensure that at least 65 per cent of 11-year-olds reach Level 4 in reading and maths national curriculum tests along with writing (which is assessed by teachers) and also meet national averages for pupil progress.

And in Peterborough, of the 11 schools not reaching the minimum requirement of 65 per cent, four are academies and seven are run by the council.

In total, 12 of Peterborough’s 56 primary schools are academies.

The highest performing Peterborough primary was Peakirk cum Glinton C. of E. Primary School and its headteacher Craig Kendall said: “We are delighted that the efforts of our whole staff body, including the kitchen and caretaker – right through to the teachers – can be acknowledged in this way. 

“We are also delighted for our Year 6 pupils last year - whose results the league tables reflect – as it is their hard work and perseverance that enabled to them to reach and exceed personal goals in their subjects. 

“We hope that this has allowed them to have a very positive start to their secondary school careers – and, as we like to hear from them, we know that this is clearly the case.”


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