More Peterborough children going to good or outstanding rated schools

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More children in Peterborough are going to good and outstanding schools than ever before, new figures show.

Across the city 85 per cent of primary school pupils and 84 per cent of secondary school pupils go to schools given one of the top two Ofsted inspection grades.

This means 16 per cent more secondary school children and five per cent more primary school children are going to schools with better Ofsted grades.

The figures put Peterborough City Council 54th in the country for secondary schools, and 83rd for primary schools. The tables include 150 local authorities.

Andrew Cook, Regional Director, East of England said: “Ofsted continues to focus on the attainment of disadvantaged pupils which remains a concern in many parts of the East of England. Likewise, the poor achievement of many looked after children, particularly at the end of secondary school, not only causes concern but demands urgent action from providers and the local authority virtual schools.

“However, looking beyond the overall headlines there are areas where outcomes for children, pupils and pupils have improved. In Hertfordshire, for example, pupils are much more likely to attend a good or better school and attainment is above national average at the end of primary school and at GCSE level. However, more needs to be done to learn from the best providers so that there is greater equity in accessing high quality education for all children and young people in the region.”