GCSE results 2010: School by school - Peterborough and surrounding areas

GCSE exam results day 2010: Peterborough High School Megan Watkins achieved 11.5 A* grades. (METP-24-08-10BD102) Picture: Ben Davis
GCSE exam results day 2010: Peterborough High School Megan Watkins achieved 11.5 A* grades. (METP-24-08-10BD102) Picture: Ben Davis
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Results and comments following record GCSE results from schools and colleges across Greater Peterborough and surrounding towns. Beginning with Peterborough schools:

Ken Stimpson School

STAFF and pupils are celebrating the school’s best-ever GCSE results.

A total of 55 per cent of pupils achieved A* to C grade passes in subjects including English and mathematics - an 11 per cent increase on 2009.

Meanwhile, the overall A* to C pass rate was 74 per cent - a massive 20 per cent rise on last year.

Richard Lord, principal of the school in Werrington, said: “We have also achieved our highest ever average point scores confirming that the improvement is across the full range of abilities.

“These examination results are a massive boost for everybody involved with our school and the local community.

“Every one of these results reflects the hard work and talent of the pupils and staff.”

St John Fisher School

A NEW record for GCSE results has been set by pupils at St John Fisher Catholic High School.

A total of 51 per cent of pupils passed their exams with five or more GCSEs at grade C or above - which is up by three per cent on last year’s results.

Meanwhile, 31 per cent achieved A* to C grades in five GCSEs including English and maths.

Headteacher Sean Hayes said: “These results are very pleasing and well deserved.

“The pupils worked hard this year to ensure that they matched the record results of the previous year.

“The most able students have done especially well.

“Also, 23 students, which is 19 per cent of the year group, achieved 10 passes each at grades C and above. I send my congratulations to the pupils and my thanks to teachers.”

The King’s School

ALL of the Year 11 pupils at The King’s School are celebrating passing their GCSEs this year.

Five or more A* to C grades were achieved by 99.2 per cent of pupils, with a total of 86.2 per cent scoring the grades in subjects including English and maths.

Exactly half of the pupils scored were at the grades of A* and A.

Also, 24 pupils gained 11 or more A*s and As across the board.

Headteacher Gary Longman said: “I’m feeling very good and I’m delighted for the pupils.

“A lot of hard work and determination has gone into their work.”

The Voyager School

FOLLOWING the success in their A-levels last week, the Voyager School is celebrating a vast improvement in its GCSE results.

The school has announced a massive improvement on its results from 2009, with 52 per cent of pupils gaining five A* to C grades.

The figure last year was 35 per cent.

Deputy headteacher Jane Mullan is delighted with the news, particularly after last week’s A-level results announcement showed a 98 per cent pass rate.

However, the school is still looking into the finer details of yesterday’s results announcement.

She said: “We’ve been delighted to see a 70 per cent improvement in our overall pass rate for pupils.

“We are currently looking into more details around all of the other results.”

The Deepings School

PRIDE is ringing through The Deepings School following successful GCSE results.

Almost 90 per cent of the year group achieved five A* to C grades.

Meanwhile, just under two thirds of pupils achieved five A* to C grades, including English and maths.

Almost 30 per cent of the examination papers taken were passed with A or A* grades and there were some stunning individual achievements.

Headteacher Chris Beckett said: “I am very proud of these results.

“They reflect the efforts of a special year group who performed incredibly well under such difficult circumstances.

“They have displayed a maturity beyond their years and the two students lost from this year group will never be forgotten.”

Thomas Deacon Academy

NEW records have been set at Thomas Deacon Academy this year.

A total of 44 per cent of the pupils achieved five A* to C grades, with maths and English, while 90 per cent achieved five A* to C grades in any subject.

Maths A* to C results showed an increase from 46 per cent last year to 52 per cent this year. English also rose to 55 per cent.

Principal Dr Alan McMurdo said: “These really are a great set of results and a real testament to the hard work of the pupils and the support of their parents.

“The talent and commitment of our staff has also been a key feature.”

Louise Moir, Director of Learning 15 to 19, added: “It is also pleasing to see 95.5 per cent achieve five A to G grades which shows the vast majority of our pupils experience success.”

Ormiston Bushfield

THE first year as an academy has been a hugely successful one for Ormiston Bushfield.

Pupils gaining five A* to C grades increased by a massive 30 per cent from last year to 71 per cent.

Meanwhile, 43 per cent of pupils gained five A* to C grades, including English and maths.

Again, this is up by 21 per cent on 2009’s figures, much to the delight of principal Eric Winstone.

He said: “We are delighted that we have got these results.

“It’s down to a lot of hard work from staff and pupils at the school.

“We feel like all of the hard work we have put in over the first year is reaping its rewards.”

However, the overall pass rate - A* to G grades - was down by one per cent to 93 per cent.

Jack Hunt School

HEADTEACHER of Jack Hunt School Roy Duncan is celebrating an increase in pupils attaining the highest GCSE grades.

The school has seen a rise of 15 per cent in the number of students achieving five A* to C grades this year, increasing to 74 per cent, the highest figure ever recorded for the school.

Notable successes were Farzin Mavani who achieved 11A*s and 2As and Evelyn Williams with 9A*s and 3As.

Also, Maxine Towler and Bethan Owen both achieved 6A*s, 5As and 2Bs.

Mr Duncan said: “We are delighted with improvements that have been made over the last year and in the individual achievements of so many of our pupils.

“They’ve worked extremely hard and we offer our very best wishes for

the next stage of their education.”

Arthur Mellows College

PUPILS and staff are celebrating triumphant GCSE results at Arthur Mellows Village College in Glinton.

Year 11 pupils have again achieved record GCSE results, with 92.1 per cent of pupils gaining five or more A* to C grades.

Also, 64.9 per cent of pupils achieved five or more A* to C grades, including maths and English.

Meanwhile, 25.9 per cent of students achieved five or more A* or A grades.

Head of the college Mike Sandeman said: “These results are the best-ever achieved at the college and reflect the outstanding commitment of our students and the dedication of all our staff.

“The college continues to build upon its reputation for academic excellence.”

“It’s been a great atmosphere at the school for the results day.”

City College Peterborough

EVERY student at City College Peterborough passed GCSE maths and English again this year.

Principal at the college David Roxburgh said: “We are delighted with our students’ success.

“Many of the students achieving their GCSE English and maths qualifications juggle their studies with busy work and family lives, which makes it all the more rewarding that they have all been successful with their studies.

“Although most of the students have studied at the college to enhance their careers, one of the students who passed his GCSE maths is 75 years old, which shows you are never too old or too young, to learn.”

GCSE English and maths courses will start at the college the week beginning September 6. To find out more, call 01733 761361.

Stanground College

STAFF at Stanground College are “very pleased” with their GCSE results, despite a slight dip.

A total of 63 per cent of the college’s pupils gained five A* to C grades. This was down two per cent on last year’s results.

In English, 45 per cent of pupils gained a C or above, while in maths the figure was 48 per cent.

Ali Story, acting principal, said: “We are very pleased with the results at the college this year.

“The results reflect the students’ hard work and commitment and the tireless support and expertise of the staff and parents.

“Our pupils performed extremely well with 32 pupils gaining the top A* grade, many of these achieving several A*s.

“We are very proud of all the pupils at Stanground College.”

Hampton College

TEENAGERS are jumping for joy at Hampton College after a record-breaking set of GCSE results.

In all, 88 per cent of pupils passed five GCSEs at grades A* to C.

Meanwhile, 73 per cent of pupils achieved five A* to C grades, including English and maths, which is a rise of 14 per cent on last year’s impressive figure.

This is the first set of students to have joined the college in Year 7, and spent all of their secondary education at the newly established school.

Headteacher Peter Hains said: “Staff and pupils have worked really hard to achieve these results and we are delighted.

“There are very many success stories among the students, including several with special educational needs who have achieved at very high levels.”

Peterborough High School

IT’S been another successful year at Peterborough High School.

A total of 33.5 per cent of all grades were at A*, while 64.6 per cent of grades were at A* or A.

In all, 100 per cent of pupils gained the national benchmark of five GCSEs at A* to C - including the subjects of English and maths.

Headmaster Adrian Meadows is delighted. He said: “Given that our pupils are of a broad academic ability range when they join us, I am absolutely thrilled at their success.

“To have every single one gaining at least five GCSEs at A* to C and all passing maths and English is a great achievement in itself but the number of top grades has made this a really exceptional year.

“I am delighted for everyone that their hard work has been fully rewarded.”

Prince William School

THERE were cheers all round as Prince William School in Oundle celebrated record GCSE results.

Five A* to C grades were attained by 70 per cent of pupils at the school.

Meanwhile, 63 per cent gained five or more A* to C grades, including English and maths.

Headteacher Malcolm England said: “These results demonstrate high achievement by pupils of all abilities and we congratulate them all on their individual successes.

“All of our pupils now take GCSE examinations in both Year 10 and Year 11 and we are very proud of the success of this year group across such a wide range of subjects.”

Notable success stories were Imogen Chappelow, who scored 10A*s and an A, and Beth MacFadyen who secured 10A*s.

Orton Longueville School

IMPROVEMENTS at Orton Longueville School have helped to increase GCSE results.

The school, which is now linked with Swavesey Village College, saw 59 per cent of pupils gaining five or more A* to C grades - a 13 per cent rise on last year.

Mark Woods, the incoming head teacher leading the partnership with Swavesey Village College, said: “We are very pleased with some initial improvements that have had an impact on achievement at the school.

“Behind these results there are many individual successes.

“The fantastic results at Swavesey Village College this summer confirm our credentials to support the school and we are excited about the important and necessary changes that have been made at Orton Longueville for September.”

Regional schools:

Sir Harry Smith College, Whittlesey

MORE pupils have scored the highest marks at Sir Harry Smith Community College.

The college’s best-ever results include 69 per cent of pupils gaining five or more A* to C grades, including English and maths.

This is an improvement of 10 per cent compared to 2009.

The college also had 80 per cent of its students gain five A* to C grades, which again is a record-breaking result in its history.

Principal Jonathan Digby said: “The pupils and staff have worked so hard to achieve these fantastic results.

“I am delighted their endeavours have paid off so well.

“It has been a pleasure to watch the students open their envelopes and to see their faces when they realise how well they have done.”

Oundle School

TEENAGERS are celebrating a raft of GCSE successes at Oundle School.

The proportion of grades awarded at A* and A was 84.3 per cent.

Meanwhile, the proportion of A* grades was 45.2 per cent and for the sixth year in a row the proportion of A* grades was higher than A grades.

Fifty-one pupils, more than 25 per cent of the pupils, achieved seven or more A* grades.

Seventeen pupils achieved straight A* grades with a further 12 also achieved A* grades in all but one of their subjects.

Director of studies Ben Evans said: “These results represent tremendous achievement across a wide range of subjects.

“The pupils have worked extremely hard and fully deserve these excellent results.

Sawtry College

GCSE results have increased across the board ar Sawtry Community College this year.

The number of pupils achieving five A* to C grades was 86 per cent.

Meanwhile, the percentage including English and maths stood at 56 per cent.

Also, 42 pupils, 18 per cent, achieved at least seven GCSEs at grade A or A* and 11 pupils achieved A or A* grades in all subjects.

Deputy principal Nigel Smith said: “These are an exceptional set of results with a huge increase in the number of pupils achieving five at the highest grades and an even larger increase in the proportion of A*, A and B grades.

“We would like to congratulate all of the pupils and staff for theur achievements this year and recognise the enormous efforts of they have put in.”

Wisbech Grammar School

HIGH-flying GCSE students at Wisbech Grammar School are celebrating a string of first-class results.

A total of 56 per cent of the grades were A* and A, while 12 pupils obtained a clean sweep of A* and A grades in all their subjects.

The overall pass rate at A* to C was 94 per cent, with 97 per cent of pupils gaining five or more passes at A* to C grades.

Thomas Clarkson Community College, Wisbech

THOMAS Clarkson Community College in Wisbech has recorded its best-ever results.

The percentage of pupils achieving five or more A* to C grades has gone up three per cent to 43 per cent.

Also, 45 pupils, compared to 20 last year, achieved nine or more A* to C grades.

Principal Maureen Strudwick said: “These results show we are improving.”

Neale-Wade College, March

FURTHER improvements are being celebrated at March’s Neale-Wade Community College.

Seventy-five per cent of pupils gained at least five A* to C passes, with 50 per cent gaining five A* to C passes including English and maths.

Principal Tim Hitch said: “I am delighted the students’ ability, enthusiasm and hard work have been rewarded.”

Abbey College, Ramsey

PUPILS have secured another record breaking year for GCSE grades at Abbey College.

The number of pupils achieving five A* to C grades jumped 12 per cent to a record 74 per cent.

More importantly, the percentage of pupils achieving five A* to C, including English and maths, rose by 16 per cent to 63 per cent.

Headteacher Wayne Birks said: “These are fantastic results and the best the school has ever seen. I want to congratulate the pupils and staff on a record year.

“I am particularly pleased with the scale of improvement, which has seen 80 per cent of pupils achieve a grade C or above in maths and 74 per cent achieve C or above in English.

“Overall, the percentage of students achieving five A* to C in the last three years has increased by 20 per cent.”

Stamford Endowed

PUPILS at both Stamford School and Stamford High School For Girls are celebrating.

At both schools, pupils achieved impressively high pass rates at the top grades A* and A, the girls achieving a record 71 per cent and the boys their second-ever best results of 53 per cent.

Stephen Roberts, principal of the Stamford Endowed Schools, said “Following on from last week’s superb A-level results, the schools have yet more reason to celebrate with the publication of our GCSE results.

“I would like to congratulate our pupils for their dedication through the rigours of the examination period and the hard work they will have put into their revision and the two years leading up to the exams.

“My congratulations also go to our teaching staff for their support.”

Marshland High School, Wisbech

PUPILS recorded a second year of improvements at Marshland High School in Wisbech.

Number of pupils with five A* to C grades, including maths and English, went up to 49 per cent.

Headteacher Matthew Parr-Burman said: “We’re delighted with the students’ results. It is also a testament to the hard work of our staff.”

Cromwell College, Chatteris

HALF of the pupils at the college in Chatteris gained five A* to C passes in subjects including English and maths for the first time.

Principal Jed Robert said: “The percentage of pupils achieving five A* to C grades rose by six per cent to 60 per cent.

“Equally rewarding is the fact for the second year every single pupil has passed at least one GCSE.”