ET’s Education Awards 2010: meet the nominees, part 1

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This year’s ceremony takes place at The Key Theatre tomorrow, and here are the shortlisted nominees for the Environment, Outstanding Teacher, Outstanding Sporting Achievement and Support for Pupils with Special Needs awards:

Eye C of E Primary School

THE children at the school have worked really hard to achieve their Silver Eco-school Award.

They have done this by developing their class allotments, looking after the school hens and chickens and monitoring how much food, landfill, electricity and water waste they produce.

Every class has grown food for pupils to cook and eat, and the school has an eco-committee which has visited the recycling plant in Peterborough to find out what happens to waste.

The eco-committee has enjoyed being ‘eco-spies’ to look out for electricity being wasted, and, as part of our water waste awareness, the children managed to raise more than £1,000 to give to a school in Kenya to install a fresh water supply.

The children are continually feeding back eco-hints to their families in an effort to raise awareness to lots of the people of Peterborough.

Bev Goodes, Southfields Junior School, Stanground

BEV Goodes is the parent of a child who attends Southfields Junior School. She is passionate about environmental issues and is a very creative lady.

Bev has been employed by the school to run an eco club during the lunchtime period, but this has now taken over her life. She now gives so much of her own time to the school and the grounds and external environment have, over the last few weeks, been absolutely transformed.

Bev has been seen, with the support of her family, working tirelessly at weekends organising the next projects which the children can become involved in.

Probably even more valuable than the transformation of the grounds, is the very fact that so many children who struggle to integrate in the busy playground are thoroughly enjoying helping her with weeding, planting etc.

This is helping their interaction, general social skills, self esteem and they are getting so much benefit from growing and harvesting the plants and crops and I can see them growing in confidence week by week.

Southfields Infants School

IN DECEMBER last year, Southfields Infants School became Peterborough newest Green Flag School - this is an international award which recognises commitment to sustainable development in schools.

They have a whole school approach and involve all the pupils in the development and implementation of their plans and ideas.

They are moving towards becoming a paperless school as pupils have their own flash drive for saving their work on which they also use for homework where appropriate.

They use the school grounds extensively, and have new bicycle and scooter racks to encourage pupils to cycle to school and they have recently worked with the school travel team at the council to put in a marked footpath between a car park further away from the school to discourage parents from parking next to the school.

They encourage healthy and waste free packed lunches and well they do too much to do them justice in this nomination. Loads of information on the school website.


Samantha Webb, Dogsthorpe Junior School

SONYA Kendal nominated Samantha for this award saying: “I believe Samantha deserves this, due to the hard work and commitment she has shown during the current year.

“She is a calm and caring teacher who shows great respect to all the pupils she comes across and in return, the pupils respect her.

“She is a fantasic teacher and there are direct references to her outstanding practice in our last Ofsted report (April 2010) which related to pupils making excellent progress in her poetry lesson! This alone is something outstanding to celebrate.

“She has an excellent rapport with the parents too, who are always happy with the provision Samantha provides in her lessons. I have personally heard comments from parents about how they are pleased with what she has done with their children, especially pupils who have been reluctant to come to school or make the right choices of behaviour.”

Rachel Moorhouse, William Law C of E Primary School, Werrington

RACHEL Moorhouse was nominated by pupil Reiss Simons-Bengtson (11), who said: “She teaches our choir and we also have an orchestra that she also teaches.

“She works very hard arranging concerts. Our choir is singing in the Cathedral soon and sing at lots of different places. The orchestra has string, bass and percussion and Mrs Moorhouse makes all the practises we do so much fun.

“I play drums in the orchestra and really love it because she makes us all feel special,”

Barry Featherstone, Thomas Deacon Academy

BARRY Featherstone has taught in Peterborough since 1978, when he started at Deacon’s School as a French teacher.

He is currently director of education at the Thomas Deacon Academy, a project he was instrumental in developing.

Without his expertise, tenacity, commitment and integrity, this academy would not exist.

As a teachery Barry always puts the interests of his students before all others. He is an exteremely talented teacher of modern foreign languages and coached hockey to a high level.

For many years Barry also made a huge contribution to the lives of students with special educational needs and revolutionised the way in which remedial support was given

Barry’s talents are not just related to the classroom - he is a renaissance educationalist who has tackled the fields of school finance, curriculum plannning and timetabling.

Barry has chosen to retire in October 2010 - he has been an incredible role model and displayed moral courage and vision in making tough choices, but has done it to ensure that the education received by the young people of Peterborough is the best possible.


Simi Pam, King’s School, Peterborough

SIMI has achieved the following this season in shot putt:

Third in British indoor championship

Qualified for English schools event

Ranked second in the UK

Champion record holder in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and East Anglia

Harry Wells, Kings School, Peterborough (Harry Wells)

HARRY is one of a very few state school pupils to be selected to represent England A at under 16 level in Rugby Union.

He has also been offered a scholarship with Leicester Tigers Rugby Club for next season.

Harry has also qualified to compete at the English School’s Athletics Competition in the hammer, breaking every record along the way.

Philippa Neil, Kings School, Peterborough

PHILIPPA is an exceptional rower. She has won the prestigious Henley Regetta (with a course record) as part of a team of eight. She is also hoping to make the GB team for the world and or Europeach championships.

Paige Phillips, Ormiston Bushfield Academy, Peterborough (metp-09-07-10rh182)

PAIGE has represented the school in a number of sporting activities, most noticeably showing an excellent ability in rowing. This is a fantastic achievement considering she has only recently taken up the sport.

She is now attending sessions down at the rowing lakes and competed at different levels.

Whilst competing in the Peterborough Schools Rowing competition she achieved the highest score and an award in recognition of this.

In the coming weeks Paige and the squad will seek to qualify for Women’s Henley GB/Frnce J16 Match and compete at the British Rowing Championships.


Monica Dowland, Fulbridge Primary School, Peterborough

MANDY Cook from Fulbridge Primary School nominated her colleague Monica Dowland for this award.

Mrs Cook said: “I have been fortunate enough to work twice with Monica, who is a specialist teaching assistant for the deaf child who is in my class.

“As a class teacher the support staff you have around you can make a huge difference to the achievement of the children in the room.

“Monica works tirelessly for the needs of the whole class as well as her statemented child. She will make visual resources in her own time - she made various Tudor costumes for our Tudor day- and organises and runs extra spelling groups to support learning.

“Her boundless energy and enthusiasm for the learning of the children she supports is an asset to the school, and she shoould be proud of the positive effect she has on all the children she has helped and influenced over her many years.”

Sheryl Richardson, Fulbridge Primary School, Peterborough

SHERYL has been nominated by Helen Busby-Maison, the mother of two of the pupils she supports.

Mrs Busby-Maison said: “Both my sons are on the special needs register - Joshie (Year 4) and Jamie (Year 6).

“Joshie functions at an average level, but due to dyslexia has associated difficulties including memory problems and severe problems reading and writing.

“Jamie has significantly worse difficulties with his social and educational abilities and as a result often gets upset and can be very withdrawn.

“Mrs Richardson has worked with my boys and played a significant role in helping them come to terms with their difficulties, boosting their self esteem.

“She has a very intuitive and kind nature and a great talent with special needs children, She is a credit to her pupils and a great asset to Fulbridge school, I cannot speak highly enough of her.”

Lesley Rate, Southfields Junior School, Peterborough

LESLEY is “remarkable and fantastic job”, says her husband, Steve.

“She doesn’t see her job as a job but as a challenge to help somebody with special needs get the help and support they need to engage with the rest of their peer group.

“She goes the extra mile to help these children, going beyond the plain curriculm to extend her charges’ education.

“She has done this work for many years at Southfields, usually with a different pupil each year, who has different special needs every time, but some how through her skill, expertise, caring attitude and general overall kind attitude she helps the student way beyond what would be deemed acceptable.”

Make sure you get tomorrow’s Evening Telegraph to find out who the shortlisted nominees for the Design and Technology, Art, Support Staff and Best School or Pupil Contribution to the Community awards.